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Secret Story 1

Placement 2/12
Popularity 16.43%
HoH(s) held 4
PoV(s) held 1
Challenge(s) Won 5
Faced Evictions 2
Vote(s) Against 0
Day(s) Lasted 71

Secret Story 1 Edit

Wesley was one of the original 12 contestants on the first season of Secret Story 1. He was one of the two finalists on Day 71, but ultimately placed 2nd. His secret was that he had a crush on a 39 year old woman. This secret was exposed on Day 36 by Ash. He won 5 challenges, includng 4 HoHs and 1 vetos.

Wesley's Voting History
Week Wesley's
Votes against
Week 1 Safe Blake n/a
Week 2 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Didn't vote
Week 3 Nominated Not eligible none
Week 4 Veto Holder David n/a
Week 5 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 6 Safe Nicholas n/a
Week 7 Saved
by Alfons
Eddie n/a
Week 8 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 9 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 10 Nominated Not eligible none
Jury votes
for Wesley
(Day 71)

Confessionals Edit

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Hello Jurors, At first I want to congratulate Ash for making it to the final two. I’d also like to thank her for taking me to the final two. I am glad to I have the opportunity to be in the finals of this org and having the chance of being crowned the first winner of Secret Story. I really loved this game, I truly did. Marish, secondly, you did a great job as host. I am glad I joined this org since I found a new friend. I am not planning on going all butt kissing now. I will answer all question you give with honesty. I will speak the truth.

I’d like to talk about my game. You all know, this game had two aspects, namely the Big Brother like part of the game which caused the evictions, Head of Holds and Power of Vetos. This aspect was the most important part of the game in my view. If you failed at this part, you get on the block constantly, you are being threaten to be evicted. The other game didn’t influence your position in the game. The other aspect were the secrets. I played both as hard as I could. I won challenges and I discovered secrets. I played an active game. I tried to be online as much as possible.

I will start my speech with the Big Brother a like part of the game. I believe I was a great and strong player in this game. You can see that by me winning four Head of Households and one Power of Veto. I played my game the way I wanted to play my game. I made an alliance at the start of the game. Ash and me were a duo. We had Eddie and Luke with us. Ash and me became challenge dominators. We both won several challenges which caused our alliance to be powerful and strong. Until one point. Neither of us won Head of Household and I was put against Ash on the block. Alfons put us up. At first I was evicted, betrayed by my alliance. Several times it was told I was safe. Lucky on my side, due a miscommunication through facebook, the Power of Veto was actually played on me. I wasn’t evicted and put back in the game, the only problem was that I was all alone, betrayed by my allies. Yet I managed to make my way to the final two.

After this horrible mistake I quickly regained power in the game. I won the next Head of Household, guaranteeing my safety for at least one more round. I immediately tried to get Ahad out of the house. I felt like Ahad was the perfect player. He wasn’t targeted and according to me it looked like he was in everyone’s good book. As you can see that plan pretty much failed. Ahad won Power of Veto. Luckily I had a plan B. Alfons is the one I did put up on the block for this one sole reason. I believed the jury loved Alfons. If Alfons was sitting next to me I could pack my bags and leave immediately. It would be an easy win for him. This worked.

The next challenge turned out to be a Power of Veto competition instead of an Head of Household competition. I lost this challenge, I did lose this challenge. I was terrified at first, since I wouldn’t be able to compete for Head of Household since I was the previous Head of Household. To my relief Marish announced that I could play. I did play and I won this challenge. I guaranteed my spot in the final three. I lost the Final Head of Household. Horrible. Again I was devasted since I felt a shot at winning the game was so close.

My main strategy was pretty straight forward. I was going to protect my alliance. I was going to try and win challenges. When I heard someone was gunning for me or my fellow alliance members they would go on the block when I won Head of Household. My strategy worked up until day 50, where suddenly the majority of my alliance turned on me. I was alone. I luckily dominated the next two Head of Household competitions.

Secret Story, the other part of the game. All of us had our secrets. Some were harder to guess than the others. I personally thought this was an amazing aspect of the game. I like this kind of puzzles to solve. I can get upset when I don’t figure them out. I discovered 3 secrets. I think that is a great accomplishment. I made it to the final two of the secrets too. Ash and mine secret were the only ones not revealed. I had the most points until Ash discovered my secret and took away all of my points. Alfons later managed to discover Ash’s secret. When he got evicted he had to give away his points. The points ended up at my side, putting me on the first position of the secrets list.

And now I am sitting here, being a finalist. Something I didn’t expect to happen when I first “walked” into the house and I know the power has shifted from my hands to the jury, your, hands. You guys have to make the decision. You will be the ones crowning the winner of Secret Story ORG. I hope I managed to convince you to vote for me but I am okay with every way you guys decide to vote. I am not going to be bitter about it. Good luck jurors for making your decisions and thinking about your questions. . I believe my speech was enough for you to make up your mind. If you decide to ask me your question, I will try to answer as fully and truthfully as possible and not to forget one of the most important things, I will answer all the questions asked.


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