Tyler M
Contestant Profile

Secret Story 4.1 - The Mystery Of Salem

Placement 5/16
Popularity 2.17%
HoH(s) held 1
PoV(s) held 1
Challenge(s) Won 2
Faced Evictions 3
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 86

Secret Story 4.1 - The Myster of Salem Edit

Tyler M was one of the contestants for the re-boot revival of Secret Story ORG, 4.1 - The Mystery of Salem.

Tyler M's Voting History
Week Tyler M's
Tyler M's
Votes against
Tyler M
Week 1 Safe Eviction Cancelled n/a
Week 2 Safe Daniel n/a
Week 3 Veto Holder Motherhen n/a
Week 4 Safe Daniel n/a
Week 5 Nominated Not eligible Hunter, Kevin,
Week 6 Safe Nathaniel n/a
Week 7 Head of House Tyler R Exempt
Week 8 Immune Kevin n/a
Week 9 Replacement
Not eligible none
Week 10 Safe Gavin n/a
Week 11 Safe Hunter n/a
Week 12 Nominated Not eligible Purry;
(Day 86)

Confessionals Edit

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I'm glad to not be nominated this week. I never talked to Kevin about nominations so I was nervous, but at least I doged the bullet

–Tyler M


I'm in an odd spot in the game. I really have no strong bonds with anyone and I'm worried that I could be getting a lot of accusations at the Dinner Party

–Tyler M


I have no idea what is going on in this game. Nobody is talking to me, but nobody is talking game. I'll have to start pushing it in comps to earn some power and show that I am here. I would love to coast to the final 5 but that's just a waste of time; I'm here to win.

–Tyler M

I tried decently hard on this. Looks like I will have to win a comp earlier then I would have liked so that people actually recognize me as a player. I need power, and I need it now.

–Tyler M

Nobody knows what is going on in the game and I don't want to make too many waves

–Tyler M


I wish I could have done better in this comp, I just didn't have enough time. Looks like that means another week of putting my head under the pillow and stay quiet.

–Tyler M

Well, the worst case scenario happened. Nathaniel won the veto, so depending on who Tyler R puts up next to me could really put me in a tight spot

–Tyler M


I really wanted to compete this week, unfortunately, I wasn't able to. I haven't talked game with Jamie at all, but better now than never. I'm just hoping I don't get put on the block, because I feel like an easy target this week

–Tyler M

I'm nervous with Jamie as HoH, she had a heavy hand in my elimination last time I played on the main ORG, so it is very tough to trust her

–Tyler M

This was a very easy vote because Gavin and Nathaniel are working together, and with Gavin sitting out the next 4 HoH competitions, and not being able to vote at the next 3 evictions, he has no power to come after me should Nathaniel leave. Plus he voted to evict me last week

–Tyler M


I need this Veto if I want to secure my nominations, and my plan to backdoor Tyler R

–Tyler M


With two big targets gone, I have to stay on ny A game, but the end is in sight

–Tyler M


I wasn't able to play as hard as I would have like due to uncontrollable circumstances. So hopefully, whoever does win this competition will keep me safe this week

–Tyler M

I can'r believe that I was so naive for so long.... but I just realized that Gavin is the saboteur. It's going to be sad, but he has to go. Hopefully, Jaylen stays with what I told him when he first won HoH, nominates Hunter and Patryk, and then somebody changes the nominees and we can get Gavin out

–Tyler M


I'm surprisingly changing my vote to Hunter. This is because Purry has a better chance of getting power, and I feel safer with her, and we need to get Blaine out. This move is like what they should have done at the F5 in Worlds Apart. Get rid of Will instead of Sierra

–Tyler M

I know it's not good enough to beat Blain, but I suck at this. Oh well, Maybe F5 can be his HoH because then he can't play the following week

–Tyler M


I'm in a tight spot, tbh. I could be going this week. Hopefully I can either win the veto, or do poorly enough so that I can convince the rest of the houseguests that I am weak enough to take to the end

–Tyler M


Well, congrats gentlemen, this has been the most fun I've had playing an ORG in a long time.

Patryk- I think it is very admirable that you showed a lot of heart in this game in that "How bad do you want it" veto competition and won that comp, as well as going through a majority of this game, still winning comps. Were you using that disadvantage in competitions as a reason to keep you around to the other players? And although I was impressed on how you were still able to keep up in physical competitions, I feel like your social game was lacking. I want you to tell me if you believe your social game was good or not, and why. Also, explain to me why you think I should vote for you over somebody who made it all the way to the end as the saboteur.

Blaine- Wow, you bamboozled me man. I was SO convinced that Gavin was the saboteur and I was wrong. How did you do that for so long? Also, why did you decide to become the saboteur in the first place?

And finally, why vote me instead of Jaylen at the F5? Thanks guys, the best answer to my questions will get my vote, as I am not 100% sure. Good game, and good luck. No hard feelings.

–Tyler M

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