Sharky SS3 ingame
Contestant Profile

Secret Story III - Resurrection

Placement 5/13
Popularity 7.47%
HoH(s) held 2
PoV(s) held 4
Challenge(s) Won 6
Faced Evictions 2
Vote(s) Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 65

Secret Story III - Resurrection Edit

Sharky was one of the thirteen original contestants on the third season of Secret Story.

Sharky's Voting History
Week Sharky's
Votes against
Week 1 Veto Holder Thaddeus n/a
Week 2 Head of House
Veto Holder
Didn't vote Exempt
Week 3 Safe Alejandro n/a
Week 4 Safe Richard n/a
Week 5 Replacement
Not eligible Richard
Housemate Richard Not eligible
Week 6 Head of House
Veto Holder
Richard Exempt
Week 7 Immune Jessy n/a
Week 8 Safe Henry n/a
Veto Holder Henry n/a
Week 9 Safe Coup Initiated n/a
Coup d'Etat
Not eligible Sam
(Day 65)

Confessional Edit

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This looks like a super interesting cast. A to of people I'm friends with and a lot of people I know I can use

So of course Charley and I are going to team up. Stay tuned to see if we actually stay true to each other this time.

So I set up a fake alliance with Henry Charley and Isaac called "Charley's Angels" but after talking I think I want this alliance to actually be the final four lol

So Charley and I actually just convinced most of the house to do exactly what we want. #Sharkley4Life

So Lucas found out about us voting for him to get evicted, but I think I convinced him that it is no big deal and he'l get a special power.

So after convincing mostly everyone to make Isaac HOH, Charley and I now control Isaac's nominations basically

So Lucas supposedly got a Coup d'Etat. I don't like

So all of Charley's angels are playing in POV. That could not be more perfect

I actually feel sort of bad for Richard he seems entertaining but yet we are totally going to get rid of him. But he seems to have potential to be a good sheep. Guess i'll just lead him to the slaughter along with Ted.

So glad I won the POV. I'm not going to use it but still it's nice to assert that the first time I put effort into winning a challenge I win haha It is safe to say that Henry and Isaac will never be on a brains tribe XD



Thank god Ted is gone, Charley and I didm;t really put any effort in to telling people who to vote for. But it still worked out.

Even though the teams aren't for real it's hilarious the way they worked out because Isaac really is my closest ally. And I really am allies with Team Black and Team alcohol. And Jessy/Julia really are sheep. Perfect. hahaha

HOH hells yeah. Everyone else needs to get on my level

So I started a group chat with Jack, Lucas, Julia, Isaac, and Charley. I said it was the "People Who Matter" but really it's just so Charley and I can keep tabs on our sheep while letting them still feel important.

I wonder if the "People Who Matter" realize that no matter what they say I'm probably going to nominate Richard and Taylor hahaha

I own this game. So I'm not going to use POV. But the thing is I want Taylor to go home. If she starts being active then she'll be a huge threat. And I want to secure Charley's allegiance to me. Now I need to convince Charley... Charley is on board!!!!



So i convinced Lucas to use the POV on Sam to save him. I need to keep Sam safe so I have my pawns.

So Julia nominated Isaac. Ugh. He is my other pawn. I need Julia to not screw up my game. Luckily i think we have the number to get rid of Alejandro so we should be fine.



This seems like a challenge i don't want to win. I want to lose this HOH so we can convince Lucas to use his coup d'état and get rid of that power

Awesome! Sam won HOH which is great because he is a close ally of mine. Plus Charley, my best friend in the game, is going to the Mausoleum. And I didn't win which lessens the target on my back. This challenge couldn't have worked out any better XD

Alright I have set up Alliance #3, The Bromance, with Isaac, Lucas, and Sam. Once again this is a move just to help me keeps tabs on some other players and get them to trust me.

Now at this point, Jessy and Richard are the only players I have no alliance with. Time to try and get rid of them.

So even amongst all of these alliances, I need to have one person that I truly trust and that I can go to the final 2 with. I think that is definitely Isaac, we are loyal to each other and I trust him. I think we'll stick with the name "Team Bitch" haha

I specifically told Sam to make Jessy/Jack the replacement nominee. He didn't listen and now he is very screwed. He made an enemy out of Charley and she is the one person in this house you don't want to mess with (Besides me of course xD)



So my girl Charley is on the block and that is not okay. Jessy is a smart player but she just made such a dumb move because now Charley and I are gunning for her.

So I don't get to play in the POV which sucks because I wanted to help Charley.

Charley won! At least now I know she is safe. Hopefully the replacement isn't one of my other allies.

Bitch nominated me.

For someone who is such a Big Brother fan, I would have expected Jessy to make a much smarter move. Nominating me was dumb because now she has Charley and I gunning for her even harder plus Charley and I also have Isaac/Henry/Lucas on our side. That means that half the house is now targeting her. Hopefully they can all keep me safe this week, and then we can all come back at Jessy.

So Jessy just told Charley that she wanted to backdoor me. Um…really…you tell my best friend you want me out. Dumb. I hope I stay just to get rid of Jessy."



Alright I'm still in the game SO Jessy better watch her back, and her front, and her side, and above her….basically she better watch because I;m coming for her 6 ways from Sunday.

Richard or Taylor? Hmmmmm Sheep or Power Player? Dumb Question. Richard is coming back

Alright so Sam seems to be gunning real hard for Charley to go on the block. Thats not good. I'm going to need him to cool it or he is going to screw himself over.

Another win1? What a surprise! Oh wait…I'm not surprised at all.

Okay so I nominated Richard and Jessy. Richard is a total pawn always and Jessy is my biggest enemy right now. Whats interesting though is I really want to work with Jessy. Sop maybe it's time to backdoor Sam

Okay so in the POV we have all 4 Bromance members and the nominees. I'm talking to the Bromance and I want them to throw the competition so that one of the nominees can remove themselves and I told them "Backdoor Charley" however the actually move is backdooring Sam.

So this week Richard and jessy are nominated. I like them both they're both nice. So it's not like I can vote for the person I hate. However I think voting out Richard will be better for me personally. Because I'm definitely considering making a move against sharky, and I'm pretty sure jessy would be on board with that. I think she would be able to help me with taking out sharky. I also think that whole jessy is here, my alliance will be less likely to turn on me before I turn on them. Because why would they take me out when jessy has already tried to take out one of them? So I guess keeping jessy here kinda protects me. But I also think she's a cool person so that's not the only reason I want to keep her.

That moment when you attempt to throw the POV and your score still beats everyone else and then you spend the weekend drunk so you don't even realize that you won POV and end up not using it. #pro

So I screwed up by not getting on with enough time which means I lost my opportunity to backdoor Sam which means for the first time in this game I don't know what to do. I really like Jessy but she is a huge threat to my game, where as I hate Richard but he is no threat at all."



That moment when isaac tells Sam he nominated him for coming at his ally. Why wouldn't he just say that Sam was a pawn. Now the whole house is going to realize that Isaac (and therefore me as well) are aligned with Charley.

So Lucas isn't fully on board with voting out Sam. He thinks it is Isaac's plan, but really I'm the one who wants Sam out. Time to convince Lucas not to use the Veto and that this was definitely Isaac's plan

Alright so now it's time to play dumb with Lucas. #denyitall

Lucas is using the Veto…damn. Now Isaac has fractured the bromance exposed Charley as an ally and we may lose Jessy now just as I was trying to align with her.

Alright so I and to throw Isaac under the bus a little and act like I have no idea why he is targeting Sam which I do feel a little bad about doing, but I'm in a tough spot right now

Agenda for the rest of the week 1) Convince Lucas not to use the veto by convincing him we have the numbers to get rid of Julia instead 2) Get the numbers to get rid of Sam 3) Act shocked when Sam goes home and blame Jessy for the deciding vote so Lucas keeps trusting me. Game on.

So Lucas used the POV. Now Jessy is gone and I need to figure out some way to recover all of my allies from this. Fuck."



So Jessy is out of the house and now it's time to do some damage control. I need to make it look like I didn't want her gone

So I told Sam how sad I was that Jessy was gone. Then I said I wished I could save her so hopefully that will keep any blood off of my hands So Isaac is not happy that I voted out Jessy. But I did my best to make it look like I was helpless in the vote. i can;t have Isaac knowing that I wanted Jessy gone more than anyone. Jessy was close with Isaac and Sam so with her gone that makes both of them more dependent on me. Dupligon while drunk…not smart. YOLO I think Sam's gonna win So the Bromance talked and I threw Henry and Julia's names out there. So hopefully those will be his nominations."



Fuck this double eviction. I told Isaac that we needed to save Charley but he wouldn't listen. He just kept saying that Henry would be easier to beat at f3. Now we lost two allies in one quick post. Thanks Isaac you screwed us both.

On the bright side if I can still get Isaac and myself to the final 2 I have tons of ammo to tear apart his game.

Now for my goodbye words to Charley. Confessional: I'm going to miss trash talking with you, and talking about Sams extensions and how stupid everyone is *crying* I love you Charley!

Fuck. Julia won HOH. On one hand we wanted her gone. But on the other she is targeting Sam/Lucas which means she'll get the blood on her hands Hopefully I can trust Julia enough to keep me off the block.

Im so pissed that Lucas used the Coup. This is literally the worst case scenario and I have this sinking feeling that I am going home because frankly that would be the smart decision. But I still can't get past the fact that Isaac totally screwed over our game by voting out Charley and now one of us (probably me) is going home at F5 which sucks

So Sam just told me that he is definitely voting me out which sucks. 5th place is alright I guess but I wanted that win. And what sucks even more is now Isaac my puppet has gone farther than me. And I can't help but think that this game could have turned out so differently if Isaac hadn't voted out Charley or if Sam hadn't given Lucas his score in the fast forward. R.I.P. Sharky the best player Secret Story has ever had



Okay let me start of by saying congratulations to both of you for making it to the final 2. And it feels nice to know that two members of the bromance are sitting at the final. However, I would also like to say I wish the two member of the alliance weren't the two most deceitful allies I've ever had the difficulty of trying to deal with. Sam I think you are one of the most annoyingly passive players in this season. You kept making moves but they all either failed or were planned by someone else who just used you to do their dirty work. So, my question for you is what was your biggest move that you planned and executing successfully? Lucas, I don't even know where to start with you. I think Zeke deserves to be in this final 2 more than you do. And frankly that can be justified by me simply pointing out that you got voted out of the game on DAY 1! And then came back with a special power, and in my opinion that power is the only reason you made it so far, considering Charley, Isaac, and I kept you around in order to keep control of that power. But thank god for your game that this is the one magical Coup d'Etat that last for the whole game (dumb), considering all other powers like that normally only last for like 2 weeks in order to prevent undeserving players such as yourself from skating through to the final. So, my question for you is: why do you think you are a member of the final 2? And keep in mind the bromance (an alliance I started) and your special power (the lamest excuse for gameplay ever) are not valid answers.


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