Contestant Profile

Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale

Placement 10/18 ▼
Popularity 2.46%
HoH(s) held 1
PoV(s) held 1
Challenge(s) Won 4
Faced Evictions 3
Vote(s) Against 8
Day(s) Lasted 65

Sam SS3 ingame
Contestant Profile

Secret Story III - Resurrection

Placement 2/13
Popularity 13.21%
HoH(s) held 2
PoV(s) held 1
Challenge(s) Won 3
Faced Evictions 1
Vote(s) Against 0
Day(s) Lasted 71

Statistics of Sam
Seasons competed 2
Average Popularity 8.12%
Total HoHs 3
Total PoVs 2
Total Challenges 7
Total Nominations 4
Total Votes 8
Total Days 136

Sam is a two time Secret Story player appearing on the third and seventh season of Secret Story. Known as the other half of the powerful duos, Sam went to the end with his ally and eventual winner Lucas only to receive a single vote in the end. After having so much blood on his hand, his strategic game play didn't pay off and he ended up losing to his ally.

Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale Edit

Sam was one of the 18 returning All-Stars in Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale.

Sam's Voting History
Week Sam's
Votes against
Week 1 Immune Mikey n/a
Week 2 Replacement
Lukas Lukas
Week 3 BotB Winner
(with David)
Lucky n/a
Week 4 Replacement
Refused none
Week 5 Immune Patryk n/a
Week 6 Veto Holder David n/a
Week 7 Safe Gavin n/a
Week 8 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 9 Replacement
Johnny Ash, Brian, Cinderella, CJ,
Dallas, Johnny, Marco
(Day 65)

Confessionals Edit

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Okay so I'm almost 100% sure my number one ally is the saboteur, which sucks but I think I can live with it. We are starting to build up an alliance so hopefully this all goes well, considering us old schoolers are safe this week which is great! This will be a great season!



Yo okay all three of you give each jury a song that sums them up the best and give a link ty ty ty


Secret Story III - Resurrection Edit

Sam was one of the thirteen original contestants on the third season of Secret Story.

Sam's Voting History
Week Sam's
Votes against
Week 1 Safe Richard n/a
Week 2 Safe Taylor n/a
Week 3 Saved
by Lucas
Alejandro n/a
Week 4 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 5 Safe Jack n/a
Housemate Richard Not eligible
Week 6 Safe Richard n/a
Week 7 Saved
by Lucas
Jessy n/a
Week 8 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Safe Henry n/a
Week 9 Saved
by Lucas
Coup Initiated n/a
Immune Sharky Exempt
Week 10 Veto Holder Julia n/a
Nominated Not eligible none
Jury votes
for Sam
(Day 71)

Confessionals Edit

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I'm trying to guilt trip Lucas into using the POV on me But I have a feeling that I might beat Alejandro in a vote So I'm just doing it to stir the pot

I'm a boy who gets what he wants



So, I love Jessy so much. She nominated the exact two people I would nominate! To make it even better she isn't even in our alliance? So the fact she nominated Charley and Jack is just amazing. We will defiantly keep her around until both Jack and Charley are gone. Jack is nice and it will be hard to evict him, Charley on the other hand would be easy. She has made no attempt to talk to me and she is unbelievably over-rated. Maybe this would knock her down a peg or two, but if Charley isn't saved then I will be the first to say her name. Now onto my alliance. Me Isaac Sharky and Lucas. Its a majority alliance so no reason to complain, but I know who to get rid of first. Isaac. Sharky and Isaac are very close, so I will need to team up with Lucas which I have done before many times. I love Sharky so if its the F3 and I win HoH, I will be taking him with me. Or Lucas, because lets face it me against Sharky wont go down well at all in a jury vote, but Lucas is practically hated, and I can pull heartstrings wit everyone on the jury, particularly Sharky since I gave my jury vote to him in Cote d'Ivoire. I can just play my loveable gullible card to make people love me so I can typhoon to the final. Hurricane Sam has yet to start

So Charley won the POV and she will most likely save herself, which sucks. So my only choice is to just get rid of Jack, but if I'm gonna do it, I will do it in style. I said I will save him if he fesses up about his secret, which is against the rules, but he doesn't know that. So I can extort the shit out of him while he scrambles around trying to save himself. Its depressing to watch, but he should of got into an alliance when he had the chance. I made a fake one just so he would save me if I was up for nomination, which Lucas saved me from so the alliance is destroyed, but he is trying to build it back up again. So I will reassure him right up until I evict him.

Its a perfect bargaining chip and he is so cutely oblivious to its true intentions



So I have been a lucky little minx, Sharky won the HoH and put up Jessy and the returnee Rich, poor sod! He can't catch a break, besides. Its not like I'm going to throw him one. So then we came up with a naughty little plan. I insisted that we take out Charley for a while now, and it seemed to of sinked in with my alliance. So what we are going to do is throw the POV challenge, and let one of the nomenee's save themselves (hopefully Jessy) and then Sharky will of course have to put someone up, Charley. Sharky will put her up and everyone will naturally assume that the other nominee will go, but instead we will backdoor little old 'Charlotte' My oh my, plans do put a smile on my face

Plus Rich will be sailing the seas of paranoia, which will be ever so fun to watch

So my alliance wants Jessy out, but she is a cool chick, so I wonder if they will notice if I vote for Rich, which I just done. Jessy is the smart choice, but I guess we can just tease the shit out if Rich first

Me and sharky turned the attention back onto Rich, so he should be going. Heh, in then out. What a bitch eh?



So I was just given a proposition from Jessy. A final 4 alliance with her Julia and Henry. However i am already in a final 4 alliance with Lucas Isaac and Sharky. So i have no idea what to do. I must admit, I love Henry and Jessy, but Julia nominated me. And I love Lucas and Sharky, but Isaac does irritate me deeply. Sharky is a major power player too, so I need to think about this.

Well I'm fucked over. Isaac got the HoH and decided to nominate me. Terrific. Now Lucas said he would play the POV on me, but I seriously doubt that, and when the eviction comes, I will go with a unanimous vote. Gah. I got myself into a pickle, but I swear if im saved. All hell will break loose. That turned out great! My alliance actually agreed to save me which was very unexpected. I guess my faith in alliances have been restored! But now to decide who goes, Jessy or Julia. I want Jessy to stay, but I have no doubt that Isaac Sharky or Lucas agree with that



Hehehe Looks like I'm here for another week! Good old Lucas with his Coup de eat, they wont see this girl coming! Lucas should use it on Sharky and Isaac whilst saving me and himself, then we get rid of Isaac. And lil old me is close with both Lucas and Sharky, so if Julia leaves next week, which the chances are she might, they will both take me with them to the end because they tolerate each other for the sake of the alliance. I known if I make it I will get 0-1 jury votes, but hey. Thats filling my mentor's shoes right?

Sharky approached me asking who I will be voting, and of course he thinks I will evict Isaac over him in a heartbeat, but I'm voting for strategy, and I hope he understands, but if not. Well, that's the way the wind blows



Ehehe, I'm still in the game. It got a bit frosty, but I'm not that easy to take out. It was a real dick move for Sharky to do that, but its no matter. He is 5th, and i'm not. I will fight till the end. Szymon gave me a pep talk, which was really needed. I will take down Julia, and then Isaac, and happily fall 2nd to a friend. And if I do end up winning this, then boy oh boy, that would just be the icing on the cake. I came here to win. And I'm telling ya, I'm going to prove myself, I may not win, but if I do. It will be out of blood, sweat, and a whole lot of spite

So Lucas won the HoH, I guess that's okay, but I really need this POV, because Julia and Isaac want my balls roasted, so I landed myself in the crap. I'm happy that the POV challenge is the puzzle though, it gives me time to reflect. As I pieced each mangatar together, I thought of what I done to that person, and in what way I helped to evict them. It was a real eye opener, and apart from the slight bit of guilt, I feel really giddy because I have beaten most of them and they all helped in a shape or form to get me to where I am now

I'm on cloud 9 right now! I saved my own skin and after trying 4 times, I finally got rid of Julia. She is nice, but she really overstayed her welcome. I'm now in the final 3! How awesome is that? And I have a feeling I wil be in the final 2...Lucas and Isaac want to win, its obvious, so they way to do that Is to take the person to the final who actually got stuff down around here. I shall try my hardest at the HoH. I want to get to the final of my own accord, not for someones strategy.

So I am out of the running for the final HoH, its a scary position, But my best chance of reaching the final 2 now is lying with Lucas, but Isaac might bring me too. Its all a possibility, but right now im in a state if Euphoria. I just hope it doesn't run out

So I have made the final 2, which means I have achieved my goal! I'm so happy to be here, even though Lucas has started trashing me to get jury votes, I don't quite care. I made the final, and that was what i aimed for



So, Speech time! I am so happy I made it here, and all of the jury helped me get here. I, as you already know, was the villain and I'm proud to say it. I made moves which got me to where I am now. Me and Lucas have been together since the first impressions where he was voted into the mausoleum. I saw it as a perfect opportunity because obviously he didn't have an alliance. At that point though, I did. There was a big ass group of 9 who voted together which included me, and the person who included me was Sharky. Sharky was my liferaft through the first few evictions because I was on holiday, I owed him big time for that and when I chose Isaac over him, I felt so bad, like more than I usually would. But that's later on. At the very beginning, I came into this by myself, not knowing who I will be with, and when I saw the cast, I had mixed feelings. I saw Lucas, who I had a history with and I was happy to see him, but we didn't talk until the first impressions. I had an open mind with alliances and I only wanted to play my game when I was further in. Sharky, as I previously said, protected me and invited me into an alliance with him, Isaac and Lucas. I was content with this alliance and I had high hopes for it. I also got invited to join an alliance with Jessy, Julia and Henry. So I had to battle with what alliance to choose. I still hadn't decided until Sharky won the HoH and nominated Julia and Jessy, so that made my choice obvious, but I tried my hardest to get everyone to get rid of Julia instead of Jessy, but unfortunately, I was a sloe voter against Julia and Jessy went home. The reason I wanted Julia gone was because she was my perfect enemy. Me and her had no reason to allign, and we both wanted eachother out of the picture. A main reason why I wanted her gone was because she acts brilliantly under pressure and can really bring her a-game to challenges. The same sort of thing happened with Henry. But I did target Richard as soon as he got back, it wasn't a big deal, since he wasn't with anyone he was just an extra vote. I tried hard to get rid of Julia, since she wasn't in our alliance and was just hovering, but she was elusive, I'll give her that. When we got to the double eviction, I made the choice to keep Henry instead of Charley, and then the plan was to send Julia home in the second part. But that didn't quite go to plan and Henry went. I didn't want him to go one bit, but he was next in line. Then the final 5 came along. That was when my part really got highlighted. Lucas used the Coup on me and him, so Isaac and Sharky went up. This was the tricky bit. I knew that it would be smart to get rid of Sharky. I had a long and hard think about what I wanted to do. But eventually, I had to pour my emotions away, and I made the choice to send home Sharky. It was purely strategical. I respect our friendship though, so I told him my choice. But then he told Marish about me telling him that I gave Lucas a screenshot. That was nothing more than a massive mis-understanding, and I can't apologise enough for that inconvenience. I was sad that Sharky done that, but I guess he was mad, and I understand completely. Sharky meant a hell of a lot to me, and it was the hardest thing I had to do in this game. Then we got down to the final 4, and I won the puzzle challenge. That challenge was a highlight of the series. As I pieced together all the mangatars, I thought of how all of you helped me in some shape or form to get to where I am now. I loved that and was so greatful to get there. Finally, we managed to get rid of Julia finally. I have massive respect for her though, she made it against the odds right to the final 4, and that's pretty damn good in my opinion. The final 3 though, I was in Euphoria, 3/4 of my allies were with me and were about to face the final HoH challenge with me. I loved it. I lost in the second stage, and I am glad I did. I was not up for sending another ally home. I however, didn't decide who I would take. So having my fate in their hands comforted me. And when Lucas won, he took me, I felt super super bad for Isaac, but I'm happy I made it, but there was a lot of casualties along the way. I just hope that you guys can respect the moves I made. I made each and every move out of strategy. I personally Liked everyone in the jury, so when you cast your vote for either me or Lucas, just remember that I am so happy to make it here, I got here through my own decisions. And I am so happy that I did. I put my trust in myself, and it paid off, and if you do vote for me, I would be ecstatic! Just thank you! I will be happy to answer all of your questions! See ya! And thank you all for an awesome season


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