Nuno SS2 ingame
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Secret Story II - Expect The Unexpected

Placement 1/16
Popularity 7.16%
HoH(s) held 4
PoV(s) held 3
Challenge(s) Won 8
Faced Evictions 2
Vote(s) Against 1
Day(s) Lasted 71

Secret Story II - Expect The Unexpected Edit

Preceded by
Secret Story 1
Ash mangatar
Champion of Secrets
Secret Story 2
Nuno SS2 ingame
Succeeded by
Secret Story 3
Lucas SS3 ingame

Nuno was one of the four intruders on the second season of Secret Story II - Expect The Unexpected.

Nuno's Voting History
Week Nuno's
Votes against
Week 1 In the
Secret Garden
Week 2
Week 3 In the
Secret Garden
Week 4 In the
Secret Garden
Week 5 Immune Jojo n/a
Intruder Not eligible Chris, Cold, Ellie,
Maya, Szymon
Week 6 Head of House Andrew Exempt
Week 7 Veto Holder
Saved himself
Cold n/a
Head of House
Veto Holder
Didn't vote Exempt
Week 8 Immune Szymon n/a
Week 9 Replacement
Not eligible Aston
Week 10 Head of House
Veto Holder
Didn't vote Exempt
Head of House Aston Exempt
Jury votes
for Nuno
Aston, Chris, Cold,
Ellie, Maya, Szymon
(Day 71)

Confessionals Edit

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you can easily notice me and joan made "GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEN" a thing so that nobody suspects our secret to be that



I am so getting nominated



So after Ellie went home, I got pissed. I wanted me and her to sit together on the end and that didn't happen, which sucks. I mean, I wanted to make it as fair as possible as she didnt want me to sacrifice myself for her, but she still went. As annoyinling as it may sound, I will have my revenge. Me and Joan need to kick Chris's ass and beat Aston. We have to keep her spirit alive. So I hope either of us wins this HoH, cause if we do, we just have one more challenge to ensure us F2



Well, hey greeeeen bitches So, before doing my, probably novel long, speech, I really wanted to thank Marish for letting me play in this season (well, get a chance to play >.>)

Also a thank you to the contestants, because the shit we caused getting high in the chat was like one of the funniest things ever and I miss those days xD. I liked this ORG a lot, and it was really fun for me, since, for me, not only did I find guessing secrets fun, this was my redemption. I really have just been on a streak called "first merge boot". I literally was the first person voted out (or second or third) in the merge in my previous ORG's, and I felt I was just a shitty player or something, who could not even get in the Final 6. And now, I am so happy and proud of myself, I came here and I proved to me what I had to prove. I also proved to others I am an active player that tries a lot in challenges xD

So I am just going to summarize my gameplay, in case you don't want to read all my speech.

I started the game in the middle. There were alliances already formed, and I had to overcome them to get here. As far as I know, it is pretty difficult entering alliances formed from a long time ago and getting them to trust you. I used my social game to accomplish this, by talking to everyone, making bonds, because everybody knows making bonds is a more efficient way to keep your guys together than making alliance chats and asking "everybody ok with working together?" since bonds lead to tighter alliances, and I managed to talk to every person, some less some more, but I don't think I neglected anyone.

I also tried my BEST at challenges. I am a very competitive person by nature, so it wasn't a "win or go home" situation, it was mostly "win to win". I wanted to win all challenges just for the pleasure of it xD Also, my alliance with Aston Ellie and Joan revolved around the fact I knew I could beat them at challenges, so I would not have to be worried. And even thought people may say "What if you didn't win those challenges? You probably could have gone", supposing is something that will never work the way we want it to work, since suppositions are relative and anything can happen at any time that we might not have supposed, hence the Expect the Unexpected.

I also tried to survive the best I could. By the time Andrew was gone, I had already become a target to people and they clearly did not want me to get to the end. I did many moves, all of which I am proud of, as it took people out of my way to win. If you need any clarification what really happenned at each vote, I am the person to ask to, as I knew what was happening.

So honestly, I think I deserve to win, and that I should win. The odds weren't good against me, but I still managed to keep myself at a power position, be social, win challenges, and I was only in the nomination voting thing ONCE ( I was nominated twice, but I saved myself from the vote in another week) and with ONLY ONE vote cast against me. I cared a lot about the game and all the crazy plans that I made but one worked, taking out threats and people of the opposing alliance. I also had the bravery to walk around as a threat, knowing I would be targeted probably everytime, instead of just not submitting xD. Now please, give me a chance to show you my mind, to let you take a look at what I think, and show you I deserve to win. So I look forward to answering your questions


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