Julia SS3 ingame
Contestant Profile

Secret Story III - Resurrection

Placement 4/13
Popularity 13.64%
HoH(s) held 2
PoV(s) held 2
Challenge(s) Won 4
Faced Evictions 2
Vote(s) Against 3
Day(s) Lasted 67

Secret Story III - Resurrection Edit

Julia was one of the thirteen original contestants on the third season of Secret Story.

Julia's Voting History
Week Julia's
Votes against
Week 1 Safe Thaddeus n/a
Week 2 Safe Taylor n/a
Week 3 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 4 Veto Holder
Saved herself
Richard n/a
Week 5 Safe Jack n/a
Housemate Richard Not eligible
Week 6 Safe Jessy n/a
Week 7 Nominated Not eligible (2x) Henry
Week 8 Veto Holder
Saved herself
Henry n/a
Safe Isaac n/a
Week 9 Head of House Coup Initiated Exempt
De-Throned Not eligible Exempt
Week 10 Nominated Not eligible Sam
(Day 67)

Confessionals Edit

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Soo, I've survived 2 evictions ^__^ At this point my closest ally is probably is Sharky but everyone's really cool e_e If I won HOH It would help me know what my position is.... Because I'm not sure yet

fuck it all, fuck it all, Don't give a shit anymore, Fuck it all, fuck it all Flip that table screw you all.. I Won't take this bullshit anymoreee I don't give a FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKK Well I had just heard from Lucas that theres some 4 person alliance with Sharky, Charley, Sam & Isaac. which worries me greatly because I thought Sharky & I were close However, Lucas heard this from Sam. So is Sam trying to save himself by exposing his loyalties?? I don't know....



Well, I'm like 99% sure I'm getting nominated meh I don't blame him, I'd do the same XD He said that I'm not leaving this week.... ._. I guess i'll take it <_< The only way I can secure my safety is if I win that veto. e.e



Well, I highly doubt I'm going to win this challenge because 1. I only type with 1 hand, my left hand. My money is on Sharky. Which I think I'm happy with ;o but I don't really think Sharky is necessarily my closest ally anymore e__e I think Lucas is. lol. I'm hoping Lucas wins because then I'm for sure safe. My keyboard has no visable letters ;__;

Well, I had just heard from Jessy that I'm safe O: which is amazing cuz im never safe Anyways, I'm surprised Sharky didnt win dat maybe he was busy . So if what I'm hearing from Jessy is correct shes gonna nominate Jack & Charley and backdoor someone I'm hoping its not Lucas, I mean its certainly possible idk if they like each other that much. lol xD



Oh my god wtf, Confessional time!!!! I must be really out of the loop, Because the only thing I heard this week was Jessy was going home which was obviously not true, then again I might be getting my info from someone else who's out of the loop. So, I probably need to win HOH because if I thought that it was going to be a tie, I would have just voted off Richard because I'm pretty sure Jessy wouldn't nominate me. I have a feeling Jessy knows I evicted her

Well, fuckidty fuck fuck I'm nominated again ;-; And what sucks is that I can't save myself I think if I really try, Lucas will save me but its so awkward asking people to use the veto on them I'm not really surprised Isaac nominated me, But by saying it was because we don't talk that much proves he does indeed have an alliance or something, I don't know Lucas wants Jessy gone and I don't... then again, better her then me :

– I also have a void vote and I think that Henrik is closer to Sam then he is to me so I should keep that in mind , Julia


Thank you jesus, I'm still in .__. that was close e__e I NEED to win HOH because I'm pretty sure I'm not in a very good position .-. I also need to keep Team Sheep alive ;__;

Omfgggg nominated agaiin and this time I'm the target.... Well, fuck, I just need to no life the veto (praying to god it's something I can do) And idk if I can rely on Lucas to save me because I know he doesn't like girls in ORGs because he thinks that they are hard to beat when it comes to the social aspect, which I guess is true which is why I NEED to win the damn veto. Well, Idk if the score I sent in is good enough.... I did try of course but I have no idea what's considered a good score.... And if I'm still on the block with Henry, I'm gone because everyone loves Henry....



Well, I gave it all I had in that challenge, So I hope I win it. Honestly, anyone but Sam needs to win this HOH. I know for a fact he'd be targeting me which isn't good. Sharky wants to break up the Sam & Lucas duo (even though I'm not entirely sure if there is one but considering he used the veto on him twice it wouldn't be surprising in the slightest. If I won HOH I would put Isaac & Sam up strictly because Lucas has the fucking coup de ya or however you spell it. At least I'm pretty sure he does....

So, I'm not exactly sure what happened with the whole Sam thing, But I guess its good for my game? But anyways, why on earth would Sharky ever think I wouldn't try in a comp? ESPECIALLY this close to the end. I had a feeling Sharky was being a bit shady randomly he wanted to go to the end with me.



Yeah I'm fucked. Like, out of every challenge there could have been it just HAD to be a puzzle *sigh* I'm still going to try but like... .-.

Okay, I got a slightly better score then I thought I was going to get. But I got stuck on the corners ;-; But anyways, I don't know if my score is good enough to beat Sam's because I think Sam is good at puzzles, so, like idk.



Hi. Now, I'm actually not bitter because, well, I don't get bitter of an online game lol, I just like to have fun and I did So anyways I'll start with you Sam. I don't exactly know much you... .-. so my question to you is how did you play a better game then Lucas. Assuming you think that you did .-. Lucas, I have 1 question for you. And that is, Why is your username MickTesso. So sorry that I don't exactly have a lot to say I'm not really good at jury speeches


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