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Secret Story 1

Placement 10/12
Popularity 4.39%
HoH(s) held 0
PoV(s) held 0
Challenge(s) Won 0
Faced Evictions 1
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 15

Secret Story 1 Edit

Joshie was one of the original 12 contestants on the first season of Secret Story 1. Shortly before the end of Week 2, Joshie along with Eddie revealed that they conspired, with Joshie convincing Eddie to give up his secret so that Joshie could score Eddie's points. Moments after this revelation it was announced that as punishment for this cheat, both Eddie and Joshie would face an automatic nomination with the housemates voting out either. On Day 15 following Andrew's eviction, Joshie was the third person evicted in a 5-2 vote against Eddie. Joshie's secret was that the "most played song on my iPhone is "Don't rain on my parade" by Glee."

Joshie's Voting History
Week 1 Joshie's
Votes against
Week 1 Safe Blake n/a
Week 2 Safe Andrew n/a
Not eligible Ahad, Ash, Ethan,
Luke, Nicholas
(Day 15)

Confessionals Edit

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I think we all know by now I find humour, at the expense of others, and evicting "Andrew" so he gets first boot, like always would be so much better than talking out Blake, who according to Eddie is a threat. I like to push people's buttons, and if I can make Andrew hated enough that he gets evicted first, then that's fine by me.



while I may have no idea what's going on in this game, I just guessed Eddies secret correctly, which gives me all his points! I'm the first person to do this in the game, so I'm like 10 time better than the others now, which is no surprise. All I can say is, who's next?

So apparently there is 3 votes for Eddie and 3 votes for Andrew with my vote to evict being the deciding vote, which I'm liking having a position of power, Eddie is a bigger threat than Andrew long term, but Eddie is loyal to me, Andrew is annoying as fuck, but not threatening at all, so there are positives and negatives to each decision... I just have to pick my side, either way someone will hate me.