Jordan s8
Contestant Profile

Secret Story 8 - Power Shift

Placement 3/14
Popularity 20.17%
HoH(s) held 2
PoV(s) held 1
Challenge(s) Won 2
Faced Evictions 3
Vote(s) Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 69

Secret Story 8 - Power Shift Edit

Jordan is one of the fourteen contestants that participated in the ORG's eighth iteration, Secret Story 8 - Power Shift.

Jordan's Voting History
Week Jordan's
Votes against
Week 1 Safe Michael n/a
Week 2 Safe Dylan n/a
Week 3 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 4 Safe Kyle n/a
Week 5 Safe Michael n/a
Week 6 Nominated Not eligible Tata
Week 7 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 8 Veto Holder
saved himself
Edward n/a
Week 9 Nominated Not eligible none
Week 10 Nominated Not eligible Nifty
(Day 69)

Confessionals Edit

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This couldn't be going better. The two nominees made fools of themselves. Dylan has put a huge target on his back, but honestly I don't mind it. He has no money left, he's not a good player, and I can take advantage of it. I don't want him gone next. I'd be perfectly fine if he just stayed and annoyed everybody, always being a target over me. I'm allied to Perry and Eva first. I like Edward, Hickman, and Kyle as well. But I like my position... Oh and Tata. Love her, working with her too


Lowkey I'm loving this. Dylan is fantastic! He's such a hot mess that I want him to stay as long as possible. He'll always be a target above me, so I'm good! Part of me wants to win the next hoh to save him tbh. I mean, I have no loyalties to Michael, Travis, Hunter, Locky, and Nifty. If I win HoH, I'll be putting up two of those five, guaranteed.


Okay scratch everything about Dylan. He's gunning for Perry and I can't have that.


I have a solid group in: Perry, Eva, Alex, Tata. That's 4 of the 6 votes I need to save Perry. I don't think it should be too hard to pull two more. I'm aiming for Edward, Kyle, and Hickman



I think I'm gonna go Hickman and Kyle. Hickman because he's lied to me, and always acts distant to me. Kyle, because he's a pawn and isn't scary to me at all. If either of them pull themselves off, I'm between Nifty and Michael as the replacement. If I can guarantee Nifty can go home, I'll backdoor him, but he's a competitor so he scares me.


I originally wanted Hickman out but everybody hates Kyle, myself included. I didn't have a problem with him before but he's so freaking annoying. I don't think I'll win the veto but I'm hoping one of my allies competing does. If not, I'll probably put up Eva or Hunter as the replacement, just as a pawn. I hope they understand.



I don't wanna sound cocky, but I feel like I'm set right now. I have my alliance of 4 between me, Alex, Edward, and Tata, as well as my Texas Alliance with Eva and Hunter. Nifty, Michael, and Kyle are the only ones I'm not working with, and even with that, I feel like my social game is on point and Michael and I are good friends. Nifty's gotta go next, and then after that, hopefully I never win hoh, and my two sides tear each other apart. My ideal final five is like, me, Hunter, Tata, Alex, Michael. I trust Edward, but I don't want to go to the final four with my entire alliance. I need options. Same with Eva. Her social game is really good and I would honestly be okay with her going soon. But it's gotta be Kyle and Nifty as the next two


Nifty and Michael tried to pull in Eva and Hunter into an alliance against my four (me, Alex, Edward, Tata) but it didn't work. I managed to convince Eva that working with Tata would be better than those other two, and she agreed. I now have the entire house save Nifty himself, and Michael, who can't compete for hoh gunning for Nifty next week. Should be exciting.



I love how Michael talks about Alex being fake. Nobody's faker than you and Nifty!!! You two tried to go behind everyone's backs to get rid of Tata, and it blew up in your face!! Have fun on the block next to each other!


Update, Nifty now proposed we work together...hmmm.... I'll definitely think about it. He wants out in this order: Tata, Eva, Michael. I don't know if that's true, but if so I'm fine with that. Just not Tata first. Eva is my target though. She's lied to me so much, she's untrustworthy


I didn't really try in the challenge. It just was kinda easy. I really hope Alex or Hunter wins. If Alex wins, noms stay the same, good for me. If Hunter wins, eva goes up, Michael goes home. I don't want to win this. I'll have to show my true colors if I win. I wouldn't use the veto to save Hunter and our alliance could crumble. I don't trust Edward anymore. He's going behind the alliances back and trying to blindside Hunter. I don't like this. We should be good though, even if he does try. I have Tata and Eva both voting Michael. The only way Hunter goes home is if Michael wins the veto, and he'll be out next to Eva tbh



Me when Eva and I threw the challenge so hunter could win, and save me with the veto so he couldn't be the replacement and all three of us stay safe



First off, great game to both of you. No hard feelings, all that good stuff. I have a question for each of you. I'm not gonna ask y'all the typical questions, because I know the other jurors are gonna ask them already. Hunter: did you throw the final HoH? If so, why? You knew Nifty would take you over me, which is fair, but upon talking to the jury, you would have had an easier time winning against me than Nifty. Nifty: Obviously, you were the strongest challenge competitor in this game, and it's why you're sitting here right now. But the jury finds it hard to reward someone who only made it due to challenges the win. Explain the other aspects of your game to us. Good game to both of you!


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