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Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale

Placement 2/18 ▲
Popularity 18.66%
HoH(s) held 3
PoV(s) held 1
Challenge(s) Won 5
Faced Evictions 0
Vote(s) Against 0
Day(s) Lasted 100

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Secret Story 5 - The Antechamber

Placement 9/15
Popularity 14.37%
HoH(s) held 0
PoV(s) held 0
Challenge(s) Won 0
Faced Evictions 2
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 37

Statistics of Cinderella
Seasons competed 2
Average Popularity 17.46%
Total HoHs 3
Total PoVs 1
Total Challenges 5
Total Nominations 2
Total Votes 6
Total Days 137

Cinderella is a two-time Secret Story player appearing in the fifth season and later returning for All-Stars. Cinderella is most recognizable for being part of the biggest change in the game where she failed to convince her housemates that she was not the Saboteur. She ended up being evicted instead which allowed the actual Saboteur to eventually win the game.

Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale Edit

Cinderella was one of the 18 returning All-Stars in Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale.

Cinderella's Voting History
Week Cinderella's
Votes against
Week 1 Safe Mikey n/a
Week 2 Immune Lukas n/a
Week 3 Safe Lucky n/a
Week 4 Immune Lucas n/a
Week 5 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 6 Safe David n/a
Week 7 Safe Johnny n/a
Week 8 Safe Ahad n/a
Week 9 Safe Sam n/a
Week 10 BotB Winner
(with Marco)
Brian n/a
Week 11 Safe Isaac n/a
Week 12 Veto Holder Ash,
Week 13 Head of House Ash Exempt
Week 14 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Jury votes
for Cinderella
(Day 100)

Confessionals Edit

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I'm back to the house bitches! It's so good to be back and honestly I couldn't imagine to NOT make it. I would be so down and upset because this cast is so amazing and so different. Anyway, my first confessional of All Stars. The season where everyone wants to shine. And actually, I'm shining already. I get compliments of people for my mangater, I have a fangroup and I'm tagged everywhere in the group that I deserve to be in it. How much better can I start????!!! In this first confessional I wanna state how I think I deserve my second chance in All Stars, how I wanna play this game, my goals and first impressions on the houseguests!

In Season 5, I was a likeable person in the begin. I was so friendly and happy all the time in the main chat and we all were really close. Because I was close with the whole cast I never strategized. Reid and I were for my feeling a good couple and when he had a fight with Andrew I was like; omg I need to defend him. The whole season until I got nominated was quiet and nice. Joking a bit but never strategized. That was my downfall. Because people thought I was the saboteur. And until the day of today I think that if that never happened I could win the game. But maybe I wasn't standing here. I left with the most drama of the season. That's why I think I'm a All Star. And yet I'm here to create moooooore drama.

How am I going to play this time? Simple. Socializing, strategic playing and on number one; creating bonds with EVERYONE. I need to be good with anyone so they see me as a trusted person. I wanna go big or go home. I wanna make moves and still being liked. This game has to be mine and I want to be the All Star. I sound like a evil villain now but I just want to make a big game. I wanna entertain everyone but for now I'm going to be loyal and talkactive to everyone. For now I have talked with anyone except Lukas. So he comes soon. I'm very close with everyone. In a game you always have 1 person you like the most and you trust the most. And I wanna be that person for the majority people. Don't you think that would be very smart? Getting to know everyone, being friends with everyone and then outplay them all in a friendly way. It's a win-win-win situation and if I can pull this out, I'm going to win this game with my eyes closed. But this is All Stars. I need to be alert. So trusting everyone, nope. They have to trust me. I'm excited to see what happens if I actually do this.

First impressions. Ash: oh gosh I love her so much. She's easy to talk to and I've talked a lot with her already. It seems like we have the same character and we can bond a lot. I hope it will continue when the real game is on. But for now we have each other's back. She told me I have halve of the cast under a spell. Lol.

Marco: I've been so close with him during games. He's easy to manipulate and Iove to play him. Wow, it sounds evil but it's ao funny how easy he plays the game I want to play along with me. I love that dude.

Johnny: Yaaasss. One of my favorite people of the community. I can talk with him about anything and I think he will be with me in this game.

CJ: Same interests and we love each other's mangaters. I'm feeling good with him and we are really close already. I feel also that he and Ash are close so if I can start a alliance with them both it will cause me not on the bottom.

Brian: I'm with him in a other game and we promised to work together. We are very close to each other and I think he can be a good ally.

Isaac: I love him already. He's so fun and he says what he wants. I honestly would like to play with him.

Blaine: i keep forgetting to talk with him but hey, I'm so popular already I can't make time for everyone...

David: i looove him! Well, he's my main ally at the moment and he wants a F2 with me. I'm okay with that if he's acting like a goat. If he makes moves in the future I'm not taking him.

Lucky: He is so obsessed with my sister Amber so talking about Amber and then starting about a alliance made me feeling good with him since we are pretty bonded now.

Mikey: yeah, i dont know. He wants to work with me and yeah, I'll act like I do as well but no. I still love him a lot but no.

Lukas & Dallas: I haven't talked to Lukas but I did to Dallas and from what I've heard from Amber he is a loyal person so forming a alliance with him could be good. Lukas is just quiet and I haven't seen him around.

Gavin: he was so excited when he saw me. Ahw, I like him and he's a really good player but I blindsided him in a ORG and he kinda got a fight with me so I could take a eye on him.

Lucas: When I came to the community he was pretty mean to me but we grew up to a good relationship and I feel like we are good now. So working with him would make sense.

And there are 3 other people but I really forgot who they are. Anyway from now I'm in a amazing spot. A lot of people do like me, and I think I'm good for the first nominations. Let's doooooo this! Cinderella has spoken


I was close to getting HoH but I'm happy I didn't win. Because it would put a huge target on my back. So things haven't changed but I feel I'm not in any danger at the moment. I'm good with anyone and I'm feeling really confident. Lately I've been working with Ash & CJ. I know they are tight so I need to bring myself to them and let them see I could be a great third wheel. They are obviously working together and they gave me information that they actually are working together without even knowing it. That made me to be close with them. Ash is a strong player, socially and in challenges. If I wanna go far with Ash I need to get some other allies that if someone else wins HoH and puts Ash and me as noms I need to win the battle against her. But that's just later. I'd like to work with her as long as possible and I think it might work.

From what I know Dallas will put Lukas & Brian as noms. Ash promised me not to nominate me which means I'm going to be good for the first vote. And even when I'm going to be nominated, I have tons of people who are with me. I got this game in my hands. My goal for now is to not be nominated this round and to observate everyone what they're doing. It looks like everyone's friends with each other. So I'm also going to look out what I say to who and who


The final nominees are Marco, Mikey & Dallas. Honestly -- I want Mikey out of the game. Because of those three I'm the closest to Marco and then Dallas. So Mikey needs to go. I'm selected to play in the POV challenge and I'm thinking about throwing it and not doing my best at all. Mikey asked me to use veto on him if I win it. That won't happen sweetie.

Besides the noms & comps everything is going right. I keep talking with people, get them to like me and then hopefully not going to be targeted. Everyone is close with me except for Lukas. He never responded my messages so uhm bye, Lukas. I hope he's gone soon. Besides this all the game is really fun and week one has been amazing.


Marco, Mikey & Patryk are all three up for nomination. I have the power to vote for one of them. Marco is the sweet boy who talks with everyone which makes him a social threat. Mikey is good at comps which makes him a challenge threat. Patryk sucks at both and is NOT a threat. He told me he's busy with his work and he's happy with me being updating him. That's smart of me because if I tell him to vote Lukas he will vote him. Patryk doesn't get my vote. Marco has been pretty loyal to me in org's I played with him. He also said I'm one of the few who he trusts the most. Could be lying but I have to deal with that because I'm voting Mikey. Mikey voted for me in freaking season five. If I wanna start my All Star career big I need to vote for the big threats and I need to be in the majority. And since the old school is after Mikey this choice is pretty easy. Mikey -- when you read this, it's nothing personal. Just voting with the majority & you're also the least connected to me from all the nominees. Goodbye, *blows kiss*



I'm sitting on the bench, talking with CJ & Ash while they both give me the feeling they feel 100% solid with me. We talk about real things, game and we make jokes about everything. I found the people I wanna be for a long time and I'm sure they have the same opinion about that. Anyway it's time for a confessional and I'm going to explain y'all a lot!

Recently, I've been talking to everyone way before the HoH results. Specially the old school people since I need to be a positive houseguest in their eyes. If they see me as a loyal, fun and respectful person I might be safe for a lot of nominations. Some of the old school people told me they wanna take out the comp threats. With other words, NOT ME. I'm not good at challenges and they know I won't win a HoH, BOTB or POV comp soon. I'm talking a lot with everyone so I think I got the target off me and threw it faaaaar behind me. I'm just going to keep socializing with everyone. I think it worked already since I've been approached for a few alliances already. And when I keep talking with people and showing I'm a fun person to have around here it's not gonna be me.

Also, Mikey came to me right after he got evicted with the words 'win this game'. It kinda made me smile. The first person evicted of THE ALL STARS HOUSE wants to see me win. I might be a little dramatic but hey, he got evicted and wished me luck and wants to see me winning even though Mikey was one of the few I wasn't connected with. May I be really happy now? The nominees of this week are Johhny & Marco and Lukas & Brian. It's wonderful to see how 3/4 are on my top 5 list of people I'm not connected with. LUKAS ON NUMBER ONE. He has ignored all my messages. So when he lost the BOTB challenge along with Brian then I'm praying to see Lukas going. Because for some reason Lukas is giving me chills. He never talks. N-e-v-e-r. So it worries me a lot.

For now I'm just going to socialize a bit with everyone. Talking about retribution, school and maybe food? It kinda worked with people in Azerbaijan and look what place I got? Hoping this jury won't be bitter and the victory is mine. I'll keep you updated but now it's time to do my nails.


It's nearly the end of the week and I'm feeling good. I kind of caused some trouble and drama in the house. Rawrr. The final nominees are Lukas, Brian and surprisingly Sam! Well not really since Lucky told me he would put Sam up. So Ash came to me saying Lucky was being pushy to her about voting Brian instead of Lukas. I warned Brian just in case that it Brian stays, he will still trust me or whatever. The choice is between Brian and Lukas. I wanna vote Lukas since he has done nothing so far and then we have Brian who has been pretty awesome to me and he is with me in another org. The new school created a chat, to discuss the vote. And without saying my opinion Gavin says we should not vote Brian. I'm like, loool. Are they making it too easy for me or what? If I had the vote right now I'd probably vote for Lukas. But my mind can always change.


So... this time we have three new nominees. Brian, Sam and Lukas. Sam has been good with me and we're working together in a few games. He has the feeling I saved him for this vote since nobody targets him. Why would I get rid off him? Brian talked a lot to me so he did to others. But he was kinda hopeless and asked me (almost begged) to save him. I also told him Lucky was the one pushing people to vote for Brian. So Brian is good with me. Lukas, he never talks to me. N-e-v-e-r. It makes me kinda mad. I'm pissed he doesn't take this game serious. Uhm hello, it's freaking All Stars. Get your ass here and play the game dude. So after talking, being pushed by Lucky and getting messaged by Ash 19000 times I decided to vote for Lukas. Sorry boy, but next time try to involve yourself in the game. Peace xoxo.



So, Lukas left. I voted him since the majority would vote him. Right after Lukas left, the game went on and the tables were turned. Because the people I was closest with may be now my enemies.

CJ won HoH along w/ Dallas. CJ asked me who to nominate and we created a plan to put up Marco and Gavin and then backdoor Lucky if Old School wins the BOTB challenge. So after this all, I heard something strange. Gavin is trying to throw me under the bus by giving information to Ash (who is solid with me). Also Lucky told people I'd be a threat etc etc. This means that new school is probably after me and I hope he will go home soon since I can't trust him.

So what do I need to do now? Getting rid off Gavin or Lucky? Let's wait for BOTB results and then we'll see what happens.


Oops I did it again -- I created some chaos. Lucky sent me a screenshot of Gavin targeting me but I know the story behind it. So Gavin went to the public chat and then called Lucky somewhat out. Now it's Lucky's time to fuck things up. Popcorn's ready


It's been a tough week. Caused two discussions, I've got along with people I never heard of before this game and I'm sure I managed a amazing spot. I'm excited to see Lucky's face when he gets evicted. Better not try to fuck with Ella next time. Because then you will taste my revenge. Oh wait, I had to use that for my voting confessional to be honest. Anyway, week 4 here I come!


Tonight, Lucky earns my vote. Unlucky Martin wanted to fuck with me and my closest allies? Nah-ahh. You are gone. I'm honestly excited to write your name since it's so unfair you won last season and you tried to take me out. It does not make sense. I placed 9th. Let me have fun here, please. Goodnight and drink a wine on me when you're home xoxoxo.



For the first time in this game I feel like I need to worry about my position. I've talked with Ahad and after a funny conversation he told me I won't be nominated and he wants to be with me. Ash and CJ have talked to me too and said they would fight for me if I was a target. This all gave me some hope but the finish line is a looooong ride. So let's live day to day from now. I'm also here to have fun. Without this game I wasn't talking with Ash whole days or hadn't I watched all Lady Gaga music video's with CJ. It's just, I'm really happy to play in All Stars yet I feel this game will be hard and I need to fight to survive. My main goals are making jury and placing anything above eight place. That would be so wonderful. But who knows, I think I'll be safe but on the other hand it's also a good option to be worried. You never know when something's gonna happen. Fingers crossed, fake smile on and go with the banana



If I survive this week I redeemed myself by reaching 6 weeks. I'm so excited to play this game more and more. I'd love to be HoH. I'm not afraid to get dethroned honestly. I really wanna win HoH this time and since these people are saying they like me, I should win this one right? Also if I go out in round one I know new school wants me out. So I can throw comps to take them out later in the game. But that's just fantasy for now. Let's see what will happen this round.


Guess what happened??!! I became the new HoH! I'm so excited but also nervous. Every choice I make from now could help me or backstab me in the future. Botb will be also a tuff situation. But it feels so good to be not in danger for now. It's weird. In my original season, I was nominated in week 5. And now, I'm freaking HoH in the comp where you can't even decide if you will or not!! I have different feelings about it though. Did I win because they actually do like me of did they place me high because they wanna get rid off me (dethroned and that stuff...) ?? We'll see but I won my very first HoH comp and that means a lot! What will I do with the nominations? My options are open and everything can happen. I will talk with Ahad as well. Maybe we can figure it out together what we will do.


So, I made a huge plan. And our main target is Ahad for this point. I'm going to put up Blaine and Patryk for nomination. We decided to let them throw the botb challenge and to dethrone Ahad. So us 3 can slay in the POV comp and saving Blaine or Patryk. Then we evict Ahad and we defeated the HoH king. It's a big plan and it's doomed to go wrong but omg this is so much fun. I feel like a bad ass. If this works I made a major move. If this works, I gained trust from both Patryk and Blaine more. But if this fails, I'll be going home probably. That would be the worst scene ever. I'm here to shine.



Sitting safe at week 6 feels A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I'm very happy I even passed week 5, what would happen if I make week 7 too?!? I'm not clapping in my hands already since we have botb, pov and replacement. So everything can happen. I'm sad Patryk got evicted yet I'm happy 5 people voted for Isaac though so he can worry about that and going after the people who could've voted for him. So now going on a serious topic. I'm the only new school player who hasn't been nominated once. That's pretty cool but also it worries me a bit. This game changes so much every day.



I'm so confused. Johnny is known for being a amazing competitor in comps but he lost botb two times in a row. And now, his head is at the choping block. Look - my main allies in the game are Marco, CJ, Ash, Isaac & Gavin. Because Marco and Gavin are both up for eviction alongside with Johnny I already decided to put the target on Johnny's back. I know that Johnny isn't strategic or social at all but I feel that if I just stick with my allies as long as possible I will reach the jury phase faster and easier.


I'm voting Johnny to evict. Haven't talked to me at all. If he wants to stay he would have talked to me. Besides that, the plan is to vote out Johnny so good bye



Yes, I'm still alive! After taking a break with writing confessionals I'm back in the game! But seriously, Cruella mode is on for real. This game is played so hard and I'm part of it too. So giving y'all a quite head up what is happening in the game, how I feel about it and how I hope the future will look like.

It's freaking week 9 yet I'm not nominated. I'm the only one left who hasn't be. I don't know how I have to feel about that. I just won an ORG I got 0 votes against. Does that mean this is a good sign? Anyway -- this is week 9. The game is getting played so hard. Isaac has been talking to Sam about an plan to take out Ash, CJ, Dallas and me. (A-C-D-E how cool tbh!!!) But Sam is also ratting to Isaac what we are telling him. Conclusion? Sam is playing both sides and he's about to backstab people as we speak. So the plan is to backdoor Sam this round. (oh god thank heaven, i'm not the one who gets replaced!) This botb twist is still getting on my nerves. What happens in two votes? If you get nominated first and winning the botb, would that be the only way to survive? That would be insane but also freaking cool. That would mean you have to fight for your life round after round. Well let's focus on this round, jury started and I got a good talk with Ahad before he left. I think he is fine with me and he said he was impressed how many people trusts me with their heart. If I can continue this I might come far in the game.

The thing is, I'm having personal relationships with the people left in the game. Specially with Marco, Ash, Johnny, CJ and Isaac. Voting one of them out would suck really much but it has to be done at some point. Backstabbing people has to be part of my game or I won't survive. Also I'm part of the big moves that are made. I'm discussing, giving idea's. I feel like I'm doing great. I'll stay like this, just having fun with people and enjoying the game.

Also, I'm so happy I redeemed myself already. I made week 9, made 100 days, made moves, made new friends, won HoH. Can't I be more proud than I'm already are? Well, I MADE JURY. I'm so relieved I did it. This is All Stars, you don't wanna be a pre-merge boot. You wanna be known as one of the shining stars in the season where it matters how you play, how you interact and how you are trying to be the biggest star of all the stars in the season. So far I think I've done a pretty good job.

What would I like to see in the future? Winning HoH or PoV again, staying in the majority and making more moves. Placing higher than 9th and I'd loooooooove to get a high score on the popularity poll. This game is so entertaining and I'm happy I'm playing a lot better than my first season. Maybe I'll be the Kelley Wentworth of Secret Story. Who knows? Anyway, I'm on Cruella mode.



This week will change everything. So I just made a new plan. I wanna break the Ash/CJ duo. During Sam's goodbye speech he gave me some good advices and I think I need to do something. It's freaking All Stars, I'm not going to let Ash and CJ dominating this game and I won't sit here just smiling and looking at them. So i made a deal with Dallas, Johnny, Isaac and Marco to get rid of one of those. But what happened? CJ and Blaine are the HoH's. Blaine will nominate me and Marco while CJ will nominate Brian and Johnny who both suck at challenges. So our side will probably win this botb. If that happens we are going after Blaine. Blaine will nominate me and takes a risk that I might go home. He doesn't know I will give my all in this botb challenge whatever it is. I will win this, I'm not going home.

So, if the plan works Blaine or CJ will go this week, depends on the botb and veto challenges. Next week we are going after Ash so all chances are open for everyone. *fingers crossed* I hope this will work.


Thank god, I'm safe. So I can work something out since I won the botb comp and are guaranteed I will be in week 11 and I FREAKING BEAT MY FIRST PLACEMENT. So now I did this, I want to start to put the target on Ash her back. I made an alliance with Johnny, Marco & Dallas and a final two deal with Isaac. Us 5 are ready to take out Ash, CJ and Blaine. Brian is completly out of this all but if he stays on the block, he will vote with the majority. I've talked a lot with CJ and if one of the nominees wins the pov he might put Ash as the replacement. If he doesn't, we vote for Brian or Blaine. One of those two needs to go and I doubt Johnny will win the veto challenge so it might be Blaine who will win it. Ash told me she will try to win it and if she does, it means she stays safe. This or next week we have to take out Ash. Isaac and me will try to become the next HoH's so we can backdoor Ash or even CJ. Depends on what CJ shows this week. Loyalty or not? If Ash doesn't go between these two weeks she wins the game. I can't let that happen. I want to win, I want to make moves and I want to rule the house. Not a someone's dog who is going with the majority all the time and doesn't play as an All Star.


Getting weird vides from Ash recently. She told me she was at school and won't be online for an hour while she and Blaine are coming online at the same time. I'm 100% convinced Ash is going to use the veto on Blaine. If she does that she'll lose my respect for her since Blaine is by far the most threatening in the house and people (counting myself as one of them) sees that the Ash/Blaine/CJ 'ABC' trio is getting obvious. And Ash won't see that if Blaine's going far she won't win. Because with the gameplay I get from those two, I have more respect for Blaine.

Also, I don't think I'm the best player in this house but I actually wanna have some action and I don't know if that's strange because it looks like majority of the house likes to be friends with everyone and is okay with a 8th, 7th and 6th place. I'm very annoyed.



Brian's gone, CJ tells me that Ash chances are down to win and I most likely have the game in my control. I don't wanna sound bitchy but this is exactly what I wanted to do this season. Go freaking big or go home


After all the drama about my real account and whatever, I'm back into the game. So I have a good feeling about this veto. 4/6 chance our rebellion alliance will win this. Dallas is the head of house and since we are close and having the same opinion about the game I might have a big chance at staying this round if Blaine wins it. But I got something like 6k, and for my feeling that was pretty impressive lol. Inb4, scores like 20k will be the bomb. Welp, let's hope Isaac did great as well. Because if he didn't and Blaine wins, Isaac is gone bc Dallas will replace Isaac.



WEEK 12 BABY! Omg, when I entered the house I thought I wouldn't even made week 3 and look where I am right now? Final seven, with 0 votes against me so far. But this week is an double eviction round. So I have to make sure Ash is going to nominate me (since CJ will nominate Johnny and Isaac). I need to be nominated with Dallas so Ash and/or Blaine will be on the block and we can vote him/her out. I just have to make sure I will be nominated by Ash so I will be safe and be guaranteed to sit at final five. It's getting nominated by Ash or getting backdoored. So if I don't get nominated, I need to fight my ass off in the veto. This week will be hard and tuff whatever happens. But I'm not going to lie, this is exciting as fuck! Let the real game begin.


I just made a plan...



It's time for some action in All Stars. Ash decided to try to backdoor me? Nah-ahh girl. I will fucking try my best in the upcoming veto. I have 90% chance going home. But I won't left without a big fight. CRUELLA MODE IS ON!


After talking 2 full hours with everyone and specially Ash... I MIGHT HAVE A CHANCE AT SURVIVING ... WHAT???? If i do this and I reach the final , SECRET STORY ALL STARS WILL BE MINE BITCH.


I've been playing the jigsaw puzzle a whole day. After talking with everyone and checking what scores they have I might have a chance on winning this veto. I know they are close, I think Ash has something like 6/7 while the others have +8. I going to submit 3 minutes. They don't expect that I will have this score except for Dallas and Ash. Because IF I end up being nominated anyhow then I will be screwed if I lied to the people who have to keep me. But can I say I'm amazingly happy with my grandparents? Never knew their strategy talk about puzzles would actually help me. And that ghost thing. That only makes you confused. So after all, I hope and think I will win this veto. *prays* if I do, I have a fucking big shot at winning this game bitches.


YASS. I won the veto big time and I got myself out of the dangerzone. I'm so glad I don't have to work my ass off. So the votes are set for Ash to go already. I will double vote her, Johnny votes Ash and Dallas sends one vote towards Ash which makes 4/9. Dallas his other vote goes to Isaac. Ash and Isaac will probably vote Johnny but I need to convince Isaac not to. 7/9. Leaves the Blaine votes. I talked with Blaine about it and it looks like he might send votes to Ash and Johnny which will mean Ash and Johnny leaves. I can't let that happen so what am I going to do? I need to work on Blaine to take out Isaac. If I fail, I better make sure I'm the next HoH. I need to nominate CJ and Blaine then. CJ has been a bitter bettie to me today. He's so pissed Ash is going home. I can imagine that but come on -- if I didn't won the veto, I'd be pretty gone. So hey, the positive part of this story is I made freaking final five. Let's slay 99 bricks and be actually freaking final 4.



What a dumb asses. Why did they vote Johnny and Isaac? Like those two are not even threats. They kept Ash over those two. Like; do you want to have a two time winner? I don't want that and the way she's going to the end kinda makes me sick. So now, I'm screwed if I don't win this freaking HoH. Blaine is sneaky, Dallas is invisible? CJ and Ash are a duo and they are after me. The real hell has begun


Okay, I think I have all things settled down. I count on Blaine and Dallas now. The plan is to take out Ash. Ash/CJ will vote Dallas while Blaine/Dallas will vote for Ash. I'll be the deciding vote and that will be used against Ash. We need to take her out now. She slayed all faves so far and I'm sure she's ready to continue that. She has CJ in control and maybe Blaine even too. But he's our only hope. If Dallas goes, I must be happy with a 4th place. Unless there will be a challenge to save myself but that's lowkey impossible. Maybe a hoh challenge but idk. I hope I'm going to the finals. I have to survive one last eviction round. Is that going to work for me or not? *fingers crossed* I'm ready for the last week. With or without Dallas and Ash.



I should be happy now Ash is gone but she is so angry and mean to me about her eviction. Like; it's a game. We all knew she was going to win if she made the end. Hello she survived the most dramatic eviction, ruled the entire game. She has done it all. If we voted Dallas, the F3 would consist of Blaine - CJ - Ash with Ash or CJ winning. Now the F3 is most likely going to be Dallas - Ella - Blaine/CJ. I don't know what will happen but I'm not going to lose hope. Final HoH started and I am going to give my everything. If I'll be the 4th place, I'll go as a girl who slayed the game imo since I just made a huge move and I've been making moves and strategic plans this whole season. I'm proud on myself so far.


Wow, around 60 days ago (irl) I started with this ORG and I was like how the *** will I ever survive with these beasts of players. Now I've redeemed myself with making more days, winning comps, making moves, making new friends, better placing and making final 4... I won this game for my own feeling. I'm going to battle for the final HoH against CJ but if I lose and get voted out, it is what it is. By far I've not been the best player of this season nor secret story in general but I do think I changed something. Wow this sounds like an goodbye speech omg. Anyway - it's all or nothing. I'm not giving up yet and I will fight for that last HoH comp so I'll be sitting at the end no matter what. If I lose, I won't leave without fighting for my life. These are the most terryfing days. Go big or go home, Ell. You can do this.

Ohh have I told you guys already I LOVE CJ? Omg I'm so happy it's him I'm battling against. If I lose, he will be guaranteed to go to F3 and maybe even win this season. And wanna know something funny? He fucking deserves it. But it'd be soooooo freaking fun to win this season. Anyway tea's ready and then I'm going back to play shuffle. Few more days and I can finally sleep again lol.


So in around three hours I know if I won Secret Story or not. I'm scared and I do have a feeling I might not win. I don't know, I gave my all in those jury speeches. I got respect from the jury and people are talking to me finally. It looks bright but also; Dallas and Blaine have both equal chances. For now I answered everything the jury wanted to know. I played a good game for my feeling. I have to wait for the results. But even if I place third with 0 votes; I'll be still proud on myself. Really. It was a rollercoaster, a rollercoaster of fun, drama and loooots of secrets. All Stars you were amazing. My next confessional will be the last one. That one will be super super happy or super super sad. I don't know, depends on how I feel then. *fingers crossed* I'm so nervous.



Welcome juries to the vote for Cinderella speech. Before I start I want to thank all the houseguests for making this an amazing season and for myself by far the most enjoyed one. And I want to thank Marish to even give me a second shot at playing and maybe winning Secret Story. Let's begin.

I entered the game with one motto: go big or go home. So since the start of the game I tried to play hard and to make several bonds. At the end of the first day I made several alliances with people I felt solid with. I decided to talk with everyone at least once a day so they would feel good with me and not nominating me at any moment if they became Head of House. Both old school and new school trusted me at the begin except for Lukas. He was my first target and left the game very soon. I never did my best in doing challenges in the old/new school phase. I felt like if I won HoH and nominating people, I'd be screwed so that's why I tried to be the fun girl everyone wants to hang with. And for my feeling, it worked pretty good until Isaac started to throw my name around. He threw Ash, CJ and Dallas their names too. So us four were seen as the biggest threats left. Since CJ, Ash and myself were alligned already we started getting close and I became friends with them. Not only with those two but besides a few exceptions I made tons of new friendships. This factor helped me to bring me to the final 8 without being in any danger so far. I continued going with both alliances (CJ/Ash/Ella & Dallas/Marco/Johnny/Ella) until Marco got blindsided. From that moment I turned from Cinderella to Cruella. It was a wake-up call the game was turning around. I trusted people who lied to me and this blindside was an slap in the face. Something needed to change. So right after that, I started to target Ash. And that round, both Ash and CJ won HoH. Ash decided not to nominate me which caused me as the only not nominated person of that round. From that point, I was in danger until the last minute of the final HoH. People were after me, I felt I had to improve myself and everyone else to even sit at the final three. So I won the veto, saving myself. Taking out Isaac, who targeted me before and Ash got saved. Johnny left, which was bad for my game, but I was happy for Ash since I knew she was having a hard time. The personal intense friendship between me and Ash became much bigger and I felt so bad to actually target her. That week I won HoH and decided to continue my journey to take out my biggest competitor left. And thankfully, it worked that week. Even though I felt bad for doing that for 3 days... I thought I could make the final easier since CJ/Ash were too threatening at this stage of the game. The final HoH was the most intense part of the game. Being accused of cheating, convincing Marish for hours to prove I didn't cheat. And it was all worth it. Spending so many hours on doing the challenges guaranteed me a spot in the F3. It sucked also since I knew CJ was going. But then I thought about something. I'm in the F3 anyway, why would I sit back and watch. So I talked with Blaine about the vote - giving reasons to vote either CJ or Dallas. I wanted to see where he was up to and if he was scared for one of those. At the results, CJ left and so my final old school allie left. And now we are here. I'm sitting here at the final three along with Blaine and Dallas. Now I know, I didn't play the best game out of this cast - I do think I played a good game. People found me fake, bitchy but I am always considered as a threat. I worked my ass off to impress people with my social game. I got people to throw challenges for me and later getting evicted. I got people to not nominate me and risking their own game for me. I managed to win challenges at crucial points, if I didn't I would've been taken out. I'm not going to talk shit about Blaine and Dallas their games but if I look back at this game. From the very first start 'till the end. I became from a funny and talkative Cinderella to someone who was straight up to the point, fighting for her life and a die hard Cruella who was ready to go big. And for my feeling, I always kept to my motto. I even stated in my very first confessional I wanted to go big or go home. At the moment Marish told me I was selected to play, and became one of the 18 houseguests to enter the game I jumped and screamed irl. My first season was a disaster. I got accused of being the saboteur, getting evicted over the real saboteur. And the real saboteur even won the game. My eviction was the most dramatic eviction that has happened in Secret Story, stated by Marish. The funny thing is - in All Stars I have never faced an eviction. I got targeted since the first phase of the game and still managed to stay out of the nomination block by staying close to my allies and enemies, trying to convince people to not nominate me but others and to win challenges at crucial points. (also won an botb challenge with Marco tho). So from most dramatic eviction, why couldn't it go to most dramatic victory? I've heard rumors that the jury didn't liked me and some of them do think I have cheated in the jigsaw puzzle. I respect your thoughts but all I ask is, respect mine too. Being accused for things have made me feel bad during this season. This is NOT a reason to play a victim role or something in that direction but I had to deal with a lot of shit. And the people who were in this house, supported me untill the bitter end. I want to thank you all for that. I got accused of being a sock of Amber (my sister), being a catfish and a fake bitch. Then I got accused of being a cheater and a sockpuppeter. It's not fun if you get accused of that. So this had some impact on my personal feelings. It all happened during this game and I stayed strong. I continued playing the game hard, playing with my friends and allies and taking risks. I survived this endless rollercoaster. And for my feeling, that's the story of a real Ultimated All-Star. I'd like to end my opening statement with a list of goals I made and reached to give you a look at my thoughts of the game. Yes, I played this game for myself. All Star seasons are hard and even though I wanted to win, I wanted to make a good show. After evictions like Lucas, Lucky and Ahad's they said in public I was playing fake and that 'everyone' knew about it. After Ahad's eviction I got mad and made a scene in the public chat. I wasn't afraid to tell the truth. In fact, I've been honest majority of the game. I talked with people about the vote and if I voted for them I told it to them except for the people who didn't respond in time. Anyway, on topic - my goal list. Making moves, taking risks, not be the first boot, not being nominated, winning hoh, winning pov, winning botb, making new friends, taking out threats, be a real all star, making jury, making 100 days and my last goal... winning the game. Do YOU think I should be the winner of the most hectic and dramatic season, full of ALL STARS, of Secret Story? Do you think I managed to have the social and psychical factor? Am I the ultimate All Star? It's up to you juries. I want to thank each of you for playing this game with me. It has been a blast and I want to wish you all the best of luck with your speeches and votes. I'm ready to answer all of your questions you have. I hope I can convince you all to vote for me. Oh one last thing, if reunion chat is made we HAVE to play troot or durr!!!


Secret Story 5 - The Antechamber Edit

Cinderella was one of the contestants from the fifth season of the Secret Story ORG, Secret Story 5 - The Antechamber.

Cinderella's Voting History
Week Cinderella's
Votes against
Week 1 Safe Wayne n/a
Week 2 Safe Sparky n/a
Week 3 Nominated Not eligible Will
Week 4 Safe Marco n/a
Week 5 Replacement
Not eligible Andrew, Ezekiel, Mikey,
Reid, Will
(Day 37)

Confessionals Edit

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my vote goes to John. and why? u never talked to me, and who calls himself sparky? that is so stupid. i also dislike u because u tried to target amber in a other game. mess with my sister and u get my revenge. BYE.



well, reid.. ily but no. imm not going to do this. u want me to form a alliance with a jerk who nominated me. like: wtf why would i do that. as long as i will he safe i stay wth both groups



Hi guys, the "saboteur" here. Yes, I'm still kinda pissed I got evicted just bc y'all thought I was the saboteur. So, if u want to win my vote make a paragraph of how stupid it was to get rid off me and to think i was the saboteur.


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