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Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale

Placement 4/18 ◄
Popularity 15.20%
HoH(s) held 4
PoV(s) held 0
Challenge(s) Won 8
Faced Evictions 2
Vote(s) Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 98

Chris SS2 ingame
Contestant Profile

Secret Story II - Expect The Unexpected

Placement 4/16
Popularity 21.45%
HoH(s) held 2
PoV(s) held 1
Challenge(s) Won 4
Faced Evictions 3
Vote(s) Against 8
Day(s) Lasted 67

Statistics of CJ
Seasons competed 2
Average Popularity 17.81%
Total HoHs 6
Total PoVs 1
Total Challenges 12
Total Nominations 5
Total Votes 10
Total Days 165

CJ, originally known as Chris in his original season, is a two-time Secret Story contestant appearing in the second and seventh season of the ORG. Most recognizable for being the dark-horse of his season CJ finished 4th after he was the only other active threat in the game.

Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale Edit

CJ was one of the 18 returning All-Stars in Secret Story 7 All-Stars - Battle Royale.

CJ's Voting History
Week CJ's
Votes against
Week 1 Immune Mikey n/a
Week 2 Safe Lukas n/a
Week 3 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 4 Safe Lucas n/a
Week 5 Safe Isaac n/a
Week 6 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 7 Immune Gavin n/a
Week 8 Safe Ahad n/a
Week 9 BotB Winner
(with Ash)
Sam n/a
Week 10 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 11 BotB Winner
(with Ash)
Marco n/a
Week 12 Head of House Didn't vote Exempt
Week 13 Nominated Dallas none
Week 14 Nominated Dallas Blaine,
(Day 98)

Confessionals Edit

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I personally think Brian is the bodyguard mentioned in the line-up and he's the one who blocked me. It seems inevitable. Mainly because I can't assume who the other bodyguard is, but also cuz he hates me


It only took almost 2 years, but I'm finally back to Secret Story. I really missed this ORG.

The cast is great. Of course, there are some people I would prefer to be on the cast than others, but that's just normal.

This season, I plan on becoming a more powerful force. Not too bold, but bold enough to prove myself as a strong player. Something must change for me to win if what I did last time didn't work. Ash and I are of course gonna work together cuz she's one of my best friends (she's an exception to my usual play of not letting relationships get in the way of my goals). Every decision so far that she has made, that I have made, we've done together. If we make it to the end, we can basically both take credit for every move that was made by either of us cuz we always talk about the game and what to do next. There's never a time we make a decision alone.

Other than the obvious, right from the start, Ella and I just connected. We both have an obsession with Lady Gaga and American Horror Story (and also the fact she's on that show), so we have something to bond over. I trust her as far as allies go, but I know farther down the line, she'll be dangerous. A lot of people like her, and to me, the social aspect of the game is the most important, especially in a game like this. But I expect to go far with her. I've also got a tight alliance with Isaac, considering he, Ash, and I are in an alliance together called the sexiiis (or some shit like that, Ash probably came up with that). My biggest concern with that is having to hide Ash and I's friendship from him. People know we're friends, but as far as Ash and I know, he doesn't realize how close we really are. He can't know that, otherwise he might turn on us at any moment. But anyways, other than those 2, I've talked to Ahad, Blaine, Lucas, Marco, and Sam. I've made pacts with Blaine, Marco, and Sam. The conversations with Ahad and Lucas were more casual than about the game. I've still got some more socializing to do, but I can safely bet that I'm not the only person who hasn't talked to everyone in the house individually thus far. So I can change that.

Ash and I decided to target Mikey first because we felt not only could he be a potential threat moving forward, but that it would probably be easier to persuade others to vote him out when eviction comes than other people who could have been nominated. Plus, it's a pretty basic move to make. Nothing too crazy is going on, it's just a simple eviction with a simple reason behind it.

I was given the role of the Consort, which was really the only one I wanted. I ended up using my designated ability on Mikey to prevent him from using his possibly strong ability. He did rank high in the first Head of House competition, so he most likely got a good role (or at least a role better than others). Unfortunately, a Bodyguard blocked me and I get the strange feeling it was Brian. Nobody else comes up to mind when I think of possible people that could have targeted me.

Long story short, I think the first week has gone pretty well for me. Hopefully that will keep going and I can get through this game easy. No one wants to win more than I do.



Well, all there really is to say about that time is, my social game has been improving, but also that it was really annoying because of the sudden vote change from Brian to Lukas. I sort of just felt that happened for no reason. Everyone should have just stuck to Brian.



I vote no to the offer. I feel it would be risking too much if I said yes, and quite frankly, risks like this are a cause for my stress. And I'm voting Lucas cuz Ahad isn't a threat and if Lucas is out, Sam would be more loyal to Ash and I (assuming he has a partnership with Lucas). I literally did nothing this week. At all XD I was kind of out of it cuz I have shit going on, it didn't make me desire socializing with others. I mean, I talked to some people, but that's about it. And by some people, I mean Ash, Ella, and Isaac XD



But in all seriousness, Marco and Johnny don't have connections, but Gavin does, and quite frankly, he's a threat to my game. Maybe not a threat in general, but to the furthering of my game, yes he is. Soooooo yeah, that's my vote.



So Sam and Ella are sort of dead to me at the moment... not really Ella, because she's still my ally, but Sam told Ash that he would try to persuade Marco into nominating me, which is bullshit, because we're supposed to be allies. Plus, he told his plans for this week as Head of House to Ash and not me, so it just makes me think he isn't as loyal to me as I was hoping for. To me, if you show signs of disloyalty, I see no reason to keep you around any further. As for Ella, it doesn't make sense for her to tell Ash she wants to go to the end with her. Part of Ash and I's partnership is that we have different connections, so if I don't have a connection with Ella that's strong enough for her to want me to be at final 2 with her, then she's not one of my connections. It worries me, because it feels like everything is changing. Suddenly, Anarchy breaks out and other shit changes too. Ella probably isn't going anywhere for at least a few more weeks, which I'm okay with, but I want Sam out as soon as possible. I know that it might not be the smartest move this week, but I'd like to go for it when the perfect opportunity presents itself.


Marco asking people to throw challenges is really pissing me off. He thinks that the only method to take risks is to throw challenges, which isn't true. And honestly, he's just damaging his game strategy-wise doing that. I'm fairly certain Blaine doesn't like Marco because he keeps doing that, and it's likely other people feel that way too. Honestly, if Marco wasn't acting like such a goat most of the time, I'd just evict him.


I vote to evict Ahad. Considering nobody is voting for Johnny, the other option is Marco, and that's what Isaac wants, and since it's what Isaac wants, then I'm making sure it Marco getting evicted doesn't happen.



Well Ash and I are allied with Blaine. Him nominating us was the first part of the plan to backdoor one of the 3 people, Marco, Isaac or Ella. He figured this was the best way to save all of us, but we were under the assumption that at least one of us would play in the veto, but we didn't take into account how random players are selected



Hello, finalists! It’s your resident house slut, CJ. To start off, congratulations to you three making it to the end. In a season this crazy and eventful, that’s a big accomplishment. Second of all, I want to let it be known that I am not fully decided with this vote. I’d also like to let you guys know that I’m trying to keep this calm and kind, because I’m really in no mood to bash anyone, especially when you are all good friends of mine.

As the person who spent the longest amount of time with you guys in this game, I think I can make a valid opinion on the gameplay each of you presented this season. I’ll be the first to say, each of you had strengths as well as weaknesses, and each of us on the jury are aware of that. On that same note, I’ll be honest; I do not believe that any of you three played to the best of your ability, nor do I believe any of you played the best overall game this season when it comes to the impact you’ve left on the story this season had. From what I’ve heard, people believe that Ash and myself played the best games this season (I’m not saying this to rub it in, this is to make it clear of how the situation is being perceived). The perception of the jurors plays a key role right now. If they don’t think any of your games are worthy of the title, you just have to work that much harder at pleading your case to us.

Going with that same idea of perception, I want to make a list of strengths and weaknesses that have been perceived by either myself or the other jury members. Some have more strengths or weaknesses than others in our eyes, so take note of that:

Blaine: Strengths - affable, solid social game, mentionable amount of challenge wins
Weaknesses - somewhat silent in certain situations, lackluster strategic game

Dallas: Strengths - noticeably intelligent, mentionable amount of challenge wins, subtle strategic game
Weaknesses - lackluster social game, particularly quiet, confusion regarding your targets

Ella: Strengths - friendly personality, mentionable amount of challenge wins, didn’t ever face eviction
Weaknesses - labelled as fake, a cheater, an ass kisser, and a soulless player

The intentions of my speech is to give each of you an opportunity to explain and defend your actions in the 100 days you’ve played. Let me list the requirements of your answers before I tell you my legitimate questions:
-You MUST address every question I ask you
-Articulate language is recommended when speaking, though not TECHNICALLY a requirement
-Be as thoroughly detailed with your response as possible. I literally expect paragraph answers
-Do not kiss any of our asses in your answers. This also applies to other jury member’s speeches and questions as well. Be honest and don’t sugarcoat anything.

Failure to meet my expectations with these requirements will result in a big decrease of your chances to receive my vote. Now that you know what to present in your answers, here are my questions:

1.What was your strategy coming into this game?

2.Did you intend on hiding your strategy or letting it be known to most or all players? Why?

3.Did your strategy change in any way over the course of the game? If yes, a minimum of two ways it changed is required with an example of how for each. If no, explain why you stuck to your original game plan the whole way through.

4.Critique your gameplay in terms of the three main aspects of this game; rank your strategic, social, and physical games on a scale of 1-10 and explain why you made your choices.

5.If you could pick any 2 of the jury members to be sitting at the end right now, who would you choose and why? Do you believe they played a better, equal, or worse game than you? (no explanation is required for your answer to this particular question)

6.What individual impact did all of the other 17 players leave on your journey to the end of this game? A minimum of one sentence is required for each player.

7.Name the 5 most important moves you made in this game that got you to the end. They can be as little as telling someone you’re good with them for that round or as big as pulling off an unexpected backdoor plan. For each move, explain how they tied in with your strategy, what effect it had on your game at that point in time, and what steps were necessary to executing it the way you were expecting.

8.Do you believe your strategy was the perfect strategy in making it to the end? Why or why not?

9.Refer to the list of strengths and weaknesses; why do you believe you were given those labels?

10.Why do you deserve to be the Champion of Secrets? In this response, you must summarize what about your game is worthy of the title, and what about your fellow finalists’ games is not worthy of the title. Whether you want to bash them or not, I don’t care, you must defend your game regardless of the circumstances.

I am asking a lot out of you because of the circumstances and perception involved. There are a total of 63 requirements within my questions that are expected to be met. You will be given a grade of 1-5 for the responses to each requirement depending on how thorough and well-explained they are. Given the amount of requirements, I will provide each of you with a checklist to make this slightly easier for you (not that this is easy to begin with). Please notify me on facebook when you have read through my statements and questions, and I will give you the checklist.

I want to thank Marish and my fellow All-Stars for making this season one of, if not, the best I’ve ever played. It was truly an unforgettable journey. Good luck to you three. I’m hoping for great things out of each of you.


Secret Story II - Expect The Unexpected Edit

Chris was one of the original 12 contestants on the second season of Secret Story II - Expect The Unexpected.

Chris's Voting History
Week Chris's
Votes against
Week 1 Replacement
Not eligible Ellie, Josiah,
Lawrence, Tyler
Week 2 Head of House Eviction Cancelled Exempt
Week 3 Immune Ellie,
Week 4 Safe Tyler n/a
Week 5 Safe Andrew n/a
Housemate Nuno,
Week 6 Nominated Not eligible Cold, Joan,
Week 7 Safe Cold n/a
Safe Maya n/a
Week 8 Veto Holder
Saved himself
Joan n/a
Week 9 Head of House Ellie Exempt
Week 10 Nominated Not eligible Joan
(Day 67)

Confessionals Edit

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So, the game has finally begun. My first glimpse at my competitors went well. I have Szymon, Kacie, and Aston, who are good friends of mine, then I have Maya who I can get along with, and Andrew. He and I actually made a pact, so I think I'm in a good spot right now.

Aston won Head of Household this week, which not only gains him the power to nominate 2 people for eviction, but it also gives him a clue to any person's secret. Luckily, after reading the rules about three times, it's not against the rules for Aston to tell me the clue he got. I'm hoping it's not a clue to my secret. But I'm confident that with some luck, I'll be able to get the information he has and use it to my advantage. I'm his #1 ally. He ranked me first on his list when deciding the nominations for this week. One can only hope I can get it out of him.



It's been a long time since I've won a challenge in an ORG. When I saw that I won, I smiled as if I was the Joker. It was a scary smile, but I was excited. I'm finally safe for once. I get to decide who goes up for eviction, and I get a second clue to a person's secret. The only issue being on the Secret Story II page is the first clue to everyone's secret, but it doesn't say which clues are to certain secrets. As for nominations, I'm still uncertain of who I'm choosing to be safe and to be nominated. All I know is that I'm not nominating Andrew, Jojo, or Szymon. This is a decision I have to think long and hard about.

The plan being if someone uses it on either Cold or Josiah, I already have a replacement nominee in mind, so therefore, I don't think I'll need to participate. It's not some masterful plan. Honestly, I'm sorta out of the loop too Some people only talked to me when I won HoH, which pretty much gives it away that not everyone truly wants to work with me. Although, I can't nominate Tyler, since I have his clue, and that Aston told me the clue he got from week 1 was also a clue to Tyler. So I'd like to keep him here until I get the chance to figure out his secret. Sorry if I'm talking a lot XD I'm just enjoying how I was almost evicted last week, and now I'm HoH



I'm trying to find out Tyler's secret, at the moment. I just think if I had one more clue, I could figure it out, which is why I hope the clue Aston got from the latest HoH was to Tyler's. I don't know why, but I'm devoted to figuring it out XD. A bit. I don't entirely trust Aston, but at the same time, I think he might keep me this time. We've been working together after week 1 ended. But you know, anything could happen.



I'm kind of having a difficult time in this game. I have a feeling people don't view me as a threat in this game, which is good in theory, but what would that thought do for me in the end? I have to make a move and fast.

At least Cold was finally evicted. Nothing against him or anything, but I always think he's against me when we're playing ORGs together. It gives me a chance to relax for a bit. Maybe I won't get nominated any time soon.



Hello, final 2! First off, I would like to congratulate you both for making it this far. I think you both deserve to win this game. However, you should know that I am still 100% undecided. So I will base my vote merely on who answers my questions better. Let's start with Nuno. Nuno, I think you are a very strong competitor. You not only have the ability to win challenge after challenge, but your social game blows my mind because you're just such a likeable person. So I give mad kudos to you. But.... there is one thing I would like to address to you. The final 3 was you, Aston, and Joan. You happened to have had the control of what happens at the Final Eviction. Let me just say that when you decided to take Joan to the end over Aston, I was absolutely shocked. In all respect to Aston, we SSII competitors know that he wasn't active all the time, and that Joan was trying a bit harder than he was. So my first question to you is: what was your purpose in bringing Joan over Aston to the final 2? But I would also like to know that at final 4, why did you you bring Joan over me to the final 3? This question isn't because I'm upset or anything. It's because I thought Joan may have been a bigger threat to you, so I might just be a bit confused XD Now for Joan. Joan, I respect you a lot. I just see you as a standout this season. You tried your very hardest to get here, and you did just that with a pretty solid strategy. So congrats to you. But despite that, I still have a hard time understanding the type of person you are or the type of strategy you have when entering an ORG. So my question to you is: could you briefly give me some insight on the strategy you had in this game? I would also like to know: what was your biggest move in this game? Alright, thanks guys and good luck!