Andrew Kim
Andrew SS2 ingame
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Secret Story II - Expect The Unexpected

Placement 9/16
Popularity 7.25%
HoH(s) held 0
PoV(s) held 1
Challenge(s) Won 2
Faced Evictions 2
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 43

Secret Story II - Expect The Unexpected Edit

Andrew was one of the original 12 contestants on the second season of Secret Story II - Expect The Unexpected.

Andrew's Voting History
Week Andrew's
Votes against
Week 1 Safe Shane n/a
Week 2 Safe Eviction Cancelled n/a
Week 3 Immune Lawrence,
Week 4 Veto Holder (2x) Tyler n/a
Week 5 Nominated Not eligible Ali,
Housemate Ali,
Week 6 Replacement
Not eligible Aston, Ellie, Szymon;
(Day 43)

Confessionals Edit

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Well this is it secret story 2 stared and I got to say I'm really excited. Before this I was nervous and afraid tht I wouldn't make it far. Now I'm a bit more comfortable. Szymon came to be for an alliance so did Aston. I approached jojo and she said if she won she wouldn't put me up and if I win I wouldn't put her up and I won't I want her to trust me. At first it saw Tyler as a threat cause he was unresponsive to my messages but we had a nice conversation yesterday and he is a really cool guy. I talked to Chris and he is cool and have a deal with him. I made a deal with Tyler tht we won't guess each other's secrets but tht takes the fun out o f it



Wow I cant believe I made it this far. I was really scared I would go home early and not make the jury but I don't have to worry about tha t any more. The game is going great for me most of the people that haven't talked to me/I don't know are now gone. I was really happy that I did the food completion last week cause it got me immunity and my plan to get rid of lawernce worked and now I want to get rid of ether jojo or ellie ellie because she still hasn't talked to me and hasn't accepted my friend request and jojo because I think she is a social threat but I might not do jojo because im in an alliance with her now in another ORG and don't want this to affect that but we will see if I win the HoH first if I do I got to see whats best for me If I don't I really don't have much to worry about unless im nominated which I don't that will happen. Also I really want to win the HoH to regain some of the points I lost from making secret guesses ill wait until I get more clues to make another guess. Right now im in a final 3 alliance with Nokomis and Maya. Im also in a final 2 alliance with Szymon and In another final 2 alliance with Aston, Im close with Cold so I don't think he will want me gone soon and Chris and I are cool but I need to start talking to him more so he doesn't nominate me due to lack of communication even if I am I wont worry too much because im in a good spot close with a lot of people who trust me and don't think they will want me gone anytime soon.

I think i got to stop making secret guesses i keep on getting them incorrect and keep on losing points. Also i could of gotten another secert but was stupid and read maya's guess wrong and cold got it in stead im happy he got it though he did somthing in here. Im used my veto on him and aston told me not to use it but he never asked for my input and now i want him gone he is the biggest challenge threat here and Is pissing cold off and i want him happy and i can make him happy by winning HoH and nominating him. I was close last time and Aston was the only one to get a higher score and i will try my hardest to win it this time. I will also nominate ellie who hasnt accepted my friend request so i need her gone cause i havent talked to her and dont know were she is at



Well nuno idk if I should vote for you because I honestly can't respect the way you played you told me you trusted me but had an alliance with every one and thought it was stupid I went when I did because I wasn't as big of a threat as Chris and thought someone else besides me should of went. Joan I like you so much as a person and want to vote you but u Rarley talked to me here. So idk who to vote for I want you two to explain your game and tell me why I should vote for you