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Emerald pie

Secret Guess #8 - David on Ahad

David has attempted to uncover Ahad's secret. If he's correct she will earn all of Ahad's points. If he is incorrect he will lose 750 points and Ahad will earn 750 points.


David thinks that Ahad's guilty pleasure is The Big Bang Theory .

That is not Ahad's secret.

David loses 750 points while Ahaad earns 750 points.

Better luck next time David.  Just know you only have one more guess for Week 3 and will have to wait until after this week's eviction to guess again.

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Emerald pie

um marish, you said Ethan? at the beginning of the thread :P

I copy and paste the guesses format because I'm to lazy to copy it out.. thanks for the correction xD
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