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End of Week 2

Well, congratulations on making it to the FINAL NINE.. You have ALL entered the Jury Phase of the game! Congratulations!.

Now.. I have several announcements.

These are the goodbye messages for ANDREW :

You're annoying as hell and you can't shut up. I don't want to fight anymore, so you leaving is the solution.


you're really, really annoying, and i feel like Ahad can be convinced to save me against Eddie by Alfons, so yeah fuck you, and fuck the system.


Andrew finishes in 11th place with 0 official points, and can't give any points to any of his fellow housemates.

Thank you for playing

Now, Joshie...

This is the goodbye message for JOSHIE :

"Drama, drama, I don't like having to act. Bye bye sweetie.


Joshie's official secret is that the "most played song on my iPhone is "Don't rain on my parade" by Glee"

Joshie finishes in 10th place with 0 official points, and can't give any points to any of his fellow housemates.


Now... I have a special message for you...

These past 15 days were wild,
But with every action comes a consequence,
An imbalance has occured,
And it must be corrected.
Watch out,
A new secret dawns,
Discover it and be rewarded,
Your actions will have unforeseen consequences for the week.

–The Voice


There is a new secret. The clues will be left in the Chamber of Secrets. Unlike most secret this is a HOUSE secret with a different reward. I won't tell you what it is until somebody correctly guesses it. So good luck.

New hints were also posted in the Chamber of Secrets.. Good night ya'll. That is all for now.

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