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Day 70 - Opening Statement - NIFTY

Heyo! I'm gonna make this opening speech precise and to-the-point as well as leave some details unmentioned so I can bring them out more while answering questions. I believe I should win for three primary reasons. 1: Every time I won a competition prior to Week 7, I always used it to shift the game and/or attempt to take out a power player. -Week 2, I won HoH and told nearly everyone prior to me winning HoH about my plan to backdoor Dylan. I successfully got that plan carried through. -Week 4, I won PoV and managed to open up Michael's plans for the week by offering to help him with a backdoor rather than going with easy targets for the week. This plan failed, but I still was the reason it went into motion. -Week 6, with the help of Edward campaigning for it, the house overthrew Tata and I took HoH to try and take out a social threat in the house. This plan was a Pyrrhic Victory, as I ended up getting out a social threat...but it was someone who at the time was on my side 😕 2: I've shown that I truly want to win this with my several competition wins. -I spent an average of an hour playing every competition I was eligible to compete in. Sometimes I took even longer, like in the Week 7 Veto where I was nominated pre-Veto. -I won competitions when I felt I needed to, and when I knew needed to towards the end game. -I have the most competition wins out of anyone else in this season. 3: I believe I've played an overall better game than Hunter has. -I played with all sides of the house and was in good relations with almost everyone up until Week 6, while Hunter (from what I've seen) always just sucked up to the current HoH to do whatever they wanted them to do. -Between social relations early on and competition wins in the late game, I kept myself off the block post-veto the entire game while Hunter was nominated once pre-veto and twice post-veto. -I actually became a threat that scared people as the game went on while Hunter, I'm pretty sure, was going to be sitting here as the goat to anyone else in the F5. To sum it up: I think I should win this season due to my dedication, time, and skill with the competitions, the moves that I made with said competition wins, and my social game being good enough to keep me off the block and prevent people from seeing me as too big of a threat until it was too late.

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Day 70 - Jury Speech - TATA

To Marish as the administrator of the eighth season of Secret Story: Power Shift To Nifty and Hunter as the two Finalists of the eighth season To my fellow juries And the rest of the casts and viewers Good day, everyone! How are you guys? First of all, I would like to thank Marish for this awesome season. The concept had been interesting me so far, and it brought me here. Although my game is not too good, but at least, it was a wonderful experience. Also I would like to thank my fellow houseguests, because without you guys, this season wouldn’t be as wonderful as what I thought. Then, I would like to congratulate both Nifty and Hunter as the Finalists of this season. You guys played a great game, strategically, socially, physically, and economically, thanks to this season’s twists; outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting the rest of us. You did a very well done job ending it tonight. As we know, one of you guys will win the season. But there are some things that I’m unsure, and those things are: 1. I would like to know what aspect does make you more deserving to win over the other. 2. I would like to know what are the best and worst moments of your game, and you can give me a reason for that. Besides, I also wonder what did you do during those moments to rack up your game. 3. Last but not the least, I would like to know how the dynamics impact your games, as a response to the second part. Besides all of that, I know you guys are a great player and friend, and I would like to thank you all for the experience, friendships we made, and may the great moments will be cherished in our memories, and also, may the best houseguest will win the competition. After all, I would like to say, good day everyone!

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Day 70 - Jury Delibrations Stage 1


The two of you have gone as far as you can in this game. The power now shifts from the two of you to the Jury of Seven, the seven people you both had either a direct or indirect responsibility of creating. They now hold your fate in their hands.
The Jury Delibrations are divided into three stages. Starting from now.
Unlike other ORGs, I ask for both Jury Statements and Opening Statements together, which means that your Jury Statements won't actually reflect the Opening Statements as they will be posted together.
HUNTER and NIFTY, you are now required to submit to me your Opening Statements, addressing the Jury and explaining why you should win Secret Story 8.
THE JURY, you are now required to submit to me your Jury Questions/Statements, just note please do not submit any links or pictures in your Statements as they break the "quote" template I use for everything. It's my thing. Don't question it.
You have 24 to submit. If someone is late, they can submit to me after the deadline but please not there will be less time to answer late Jury questions/statements as a result.
TOMORROW. After the 24 hours are up. I will post all 9 statments/questions. The Finalists (and Juries) will then have 24 hours to answer all of the statements/questions provided.
After THOSE 24 hours are up, I will then ask for the Seven Jury Members to provide me with their finale votes for the winner. Alternatively, Juries are allowed to submit their decisions if they already know who they will vote for.
Good luck to all involved.
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Day 64 - Power of Veto Results, Veto Ceremony and Eviction Results

Eva, Hunter,Jordan and Nifty

The time has come.
The results for the Kondense, Daily Cup of Tea and G-Switch 2 competitions are as follows.

In 4th place - Eva (46,675) - 1 point.
In 3rd place - Jordan (75,472) - 2 points.
In 2nd place - Hunter (115,404) - 3 points.
In 1st place - Nifty (159,538) - 4 points.
In 4th place - Eva - (1,408) - 1 point (2 in total)
In 3rd place - Nifty - (3,323) - 2 points (6 in total)
In 2nd place - Jordan - (3,576) - 3 points (5 in total)
In 1st place - Hunter - (3,747) - 4 points (7 in total)
And finally. For G-Switch 2
In 4th place - Hunter (348) - 1 point (8 points in total)
In 3rd place - Eva (554) - 2 points (4 points in total)
In 2nd place - Jordan (587) - 3 points (8 points in total)
In 1st place - Nifty (886) - 4 points (10 points in total)
Which means...

Congratulations NIFTY you have won the Final Golden Power of Veto!

As Nifty is both the Head of House and holder of the Golden Power of Veto, he may choose to save either Eva or Jordan from eviction.
Nifty has decided...

NOT to use the Golden Power of Veto.

I personally see no reason to change up the nominations I have already set forth. Eva, Jordan, you are both very big social threats compared to Hunter and finale night is close at hand. Hunter, good luck with your decision


This means that either Eva or Jordan will become the next housemate to be evicted from the Mansion of Secrets.
As nominees, neither Eva nor Jordan are permitted to vote. As Head of House, Jordan is also ineligible to vote.
As there's only one other person, this means that HUNTER you must now choose to evict either Eva or Jordan and send them to the Jury. Please stand, and announce your decision.
Just a reminder, when Hunter announces his decision, the evicted housemate will only have few seconds to say their goodbyes, gather his or her belongings, and walk out the front door.

Eva, I'm really sorry, but I feel that if you made final 2 vs any of us then you would win. I do love you though!


It's official. Eva you are the NINTH housemate to be evicted from the Mansion of Secrets and the sixth member of the Jury.
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Day 63 - Head of House Results, Nominations and Final Four Veto Competition

The results are in...
In 4th place with a score of 76 questions answered...

In 3rd place with a score of 78 questions answered...

In 2nd place with a score of 105 questions answered...

JORDAN which means...

Congratulations NIFTY with a score of 170 you are the new Head of House and guaranteed a spot in the final three!

Now Nifty, because this is the Final Four, nominations are more or less pointless, however, as a formality, you are still required to nominate two people for eviction and explain your reasons for your nominations.

NIFTY has decided to nominate...



Final four, yada yada. PoV is all that matters, yada yada. You get the gist


Which means, Eva, Hunter, Jordan and Nifty, it is time for your Final Golden Power of Veto Competition. The winner, unless it's Nifty, will be given the power to not only change nominations but be the sole vote to evict this week.
Because of how important. It is going to be a biggy
You will have to submit scores for THREE competitions. Whichever placement you get in each challenge will determine the amount of points you will recieve. 1st place will recieve 4, 2nd place will recieve 3, and so no.
The housemate, with the most points at the end of all three competitions. Will win the Golden Power of Veto.
EACH of you must also submit the name of the person you wish to evict and a reason to explain your vote. Nifty, you cannot vote, but you can choose to change your nominations.
Everyone has 27 hours. If it's necessary, a 24 hours delay will be given at the request of at least 2 or more housemates.
The three competitions are...
A Daily Cup of Tea
and G-Switch 2 (play the Endless mode on this one)

Good luck housemates.
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